Not Climate Agreement, But Climate Revolt (The Paris Accords)


“The withdrawal by the United States, the nation with the second highest carbon output in the world (behind China, whose per-capita emissions are less than half those of the US), seems deeply catastrophic.

It is catastrophic, yes. But not for the reasons we might think.”

Environmental and political analysis, from Rhyd Wildermuth

“Philosophers of freedom were mainly, and understandably, concerned with how humans would escape the injustice, oppression, inequality, or even uniformity foisted on them by other humans or human-made systems. Geological time and the chronology of human histories remained unrelated. This distance between the two calendars, as we have seen, is what climate scientists now claim has collapsed….

The mansion of modern freedoms stands on an ever-expanding base of fossil-fuel use.”

Dipesh Chakrabarty, The Climate of History

The world awoke to the news on Thursday that President Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the…

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The Most Beautiful And Most Unusual Beaches In The World


My Dream City: CHI TOWN – Chicago (BLW Contributor)


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The Rutele Blog

Every chance that I get to travel, I take it by the horns. Traveling is one of those things that really helps me ease my mind and relax me from the daily hustle.

Ever since I was a little girl I was very intrigued with Chicago. My parents actually worked there many years before I was born and the stories they told/tell me always intrigued me. It sounded so beautiful and like the perfect hub for all cultures. I especially used to love the fact that Lithuanians have a whole part of town where they group in order to keep our culture and customs alive, which can be hard when you move to a different country.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago. I am blessed to say the least. The weather was beyond beautiful and the activities were beyond exciting! The fall season is here…

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Happy Greenpeace Day!!! – What are you doing to help the environment?

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Friendship Break up (BLW Contributor)


Accidental Blogger

Last week,  I was a part of a twitter chat on friendship and one of the last questions asked:

Q4 Have you ever had a friendship breakup?

Friendship breakups happen:

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Destroying Stereotypes of the African American Mother (BLW Contributor)



This is not information that’s not known about black women and mothers, but sometimes people need to be reminded on how great we are and what we have gone through and continue to face every day.  We are not perfect by any means, but the negative stereotypes that are attached to us needs to be dispelled and not used to form “uninformed” opinions about our sisters, aunts, and daughters who are mothers. – AcademicHustler1975

Black Families “Yet Holding On.”: The structure of black families changed from 1980 to 2000. Most noticeably the number of African American two-parent families decreased from 55 percent in 1982 to 48 percent in 2000. Moreover, African American female-headed families rose from 41 percent in 1982 to 44 percent in 2000. The percentage of African American male-headed families doubled, rising from 4 percent to 1982 to 8 percent in 2000.
Statistics reveal that the pressure continues…

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Viva La Video Store: why video stores are still relevant (part 1 of a 2-part series) (BLW Contribitor)


Toronto Film Files

I was perusing the shelves at Queen Video. That’s when I heard it. The phrase that made me cringe.

“I didn’t even know DVDs still existed!”

I clenched my jaw in exasperation. I discreetly craned my neck to glance behind me at the person who uttered such blasphemy. Of course it was a twenty-something man. My “peer” on paper, but hardly close.

You see, I know very well that DVDs exist.

I know it so well that I spend much of my time (and money) selecting just the right DVD when I crave a movie night. And when I crave a movie night, there is one place I always go: the video store.

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Yalla (Let’s Go!) by I Am Rey (BLW Contributor)



1) A very popular term originating from Arabic meaning “Hurry up” or “Come on”. 

2) Can also be used as “all right” in some cases (usually while coming to a mutual agreement). 

3) Pronunciation: the Y is said like any other Y. the two A’s are pronounced like the letter ‘U’ in the word “Blunt”. The L’s are prolonged and are said by placing the tip of the tongue on the middle of the roof of your mouth (Like the French ‘L’).


1) Yalla let’s go we’re late! 

2) Yalla bye.

OK so it was a Tuesday, probably around 8:30 am (Cairo time) I had to get my passport straightened out.. My tourist visa had expired, and I had waited long enough.. My cousin Craig and I decided that we would make a day out of our trip to Mogamma. We set out to catch a taxi on Rd. 90 in Kattameya which is one of the newly developed areas in Cairo, hence why they call it “New Cairo”. So we attempted to flag an approaching taxi, but they had a passenger inside already.. “GREAT!”.. At this point we’ve already been waiting for over 20 minutes and if you knew Craig you would know that he wasn’t one for waiting (haha, Oh Boy). We had a private driver named Mustafah who would take us around from time to time, but he had other clients as well.. This day he wasn’t available.

Typically we would try to get a modern taxi,  as some of the older taxi’s meter tend to be “rigged”, they’re usually smaller, and the driver can sense that you’re a foreigner from a mile away.. Finally we get a taxi. The driver’s name is Ahmed, he greets us with hellos and quickly test’s our Arabic. “Where you go?” Ahmed asks. “We want to go to Mogamma” Craig says. Ahmed and my cousin agree on a price, as we didn’t want to spend more than 35 EGP, which is about $4.50 Usd.

Ahmed is a tall, slender guy probably around the age of 21. He was fixated with my cousin’s hair, at the time he had Locs which usually was a conversation starter. The Egyptians loved this hairstyle, it was “trending” in Cairo at the time so Ahmed had loads of questions “Can you wash?” “Can I get this style?”. At this point  they’re pretty much  doing most of the talking, while I sight see from the back of the taxi.

We’re driving down the freeway, passing several stores as well as people selling bread,water and tissue on roadsides. I’m a city girl, so this isn’t out of the norm to see back in Baltimore, “Hustlers” as I like to call them. It goes to show that the world isn’t that different after all, some differences, but more often than not we share similar situations. We come up on a bridge and I can see the Nile River. I’m just in a daze.


I began to day dream about the history of Egypt, the Pyramids and how it must have been years ago before influenced by the Western world. I’m here miles and miles away from family and home, and its really starting to sink in..”THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID!!” Is all I hear from the front of the cab.

Now at this point I happen to glance at the meter and its already close to 30 EGP I start to get a little nervous as I hear my cousin and the driver getting into a little scuffle over the price. Ahmed is upset because there is a 30 minute traffic jam and thinks that we should pay more because of it..“YALLA!!! YALLA!!!” Ahmed yells out the window to the other drivers as it’s overly crowded in the street.

The heat is rising as the day goes as well as tempers. at this time there is no more pleasantries and small talk, just stone faces. We finally pick up some speed. We get to Mogamma around 11:00 am. The price was definitely over the previously negotiated amount, so I began to grab my things “with the quickness”. I can see the anxiety in Ahmed’s face as he’s waiting for his fare. “LA!.. LA!” (which means NO in Arabic). Craig handed him the 35 EGP despite what the meter said. 

Ahmed was understandably upset and in hindsight we probably would have given him what he asked, but we felt as though we were being taken advantage of because we’re “foreigners”. “Look, I’ll give you this” Craig says as he hands Ahmed some spare change. Ahmed glared and said “LA-AH!!”. So Craig and I were like “OK”(shrugs). As we began walking towards the Embassy, out of the corner of my eye, I see Ahmed running towards us…..

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Holiday ideas gathered at the world’s biggest tourism fair by Bonjour Berlin (BLW Contributor)

holidays, vacation, booking, hotel, plane, tickets, canada, nunavut

I don’t like cliché holiday spots. What about you? The ITB in Berlin is the biggest tourism fair in the world. And boy, do they have offers! Here are a few ideas for you to grab and put on your bucket list. Book a flight, pack your bags and let’s go discover the world! 😉

(And dear friends, I want to stress the fact that none of the companies listed below paid or offered me any services in order to be included in this post.)

The Nunavut region in Canada 

If you’re fed up with tourist-studded hot spots, chain hotels and loud cities, get your arctic experience in the amazing Nunavut area in Northern Canada. Live with the locals, explore the amazing wildlife, hike, breathe and let yourself guided by pure freedom.

There are no roads to Nunavut. The area, as big as Western Europe, is not connected by road or rail to any other Canadian cities further south. So you’ll only get there by plane or boat. These airlines fly to Nunavut from South Canada: First Air, Canadian North and Calm Air.

It’s best to book your trip and get all necessary information via Parks Canada,

The Secret Lagoon in Iceland 

holidays, vacation, booking, hotel, plane, tickets, iceland,

Iceland is definitely one of nature’s wonders. It always reminds me of the scenery from Lord of the Rings. If you want uniqueness, this is the place to be! And if you’re looking for something “hidden”, go to the Secret Lagoon, one of the oldest natural geothermal pools in Iceland. You can book a daily tour with for 8.700 ISK.

Home stay in Nepal 

holidays, vacation, booking, hotel, plane, tickets, nepal

Some say that the best trip you can ever take is inside yourself. Find your centre while discovering Nepal. As Lonely Planet describes it, “Nepal is one of the best countries for adventure destination in the world”. You can choose out of endless trekking routes around the Himalayas but the best is that you can get authentic bed & breakfast while living with the locals. If you want to become a Nepalese for a while, book your stay 27 km from Kathmandu in a green village environment.

Let’s get hotter! The Maldives 

12054688_s is one of Maldives’ luxury travel specialist. Should you want to dig deeper into your pockets, get a very personal service here and eventually the vacation of your life. My favourite spot is Niyaama Maldives, located 140 km from Male, in Dhaalu Atoll. I wouldn’t mind waking up in one of those water bungalows and being served breakfast in front of those amazing blue colours. You can get here by speedboat from Male.

European beauty – Croatia 

holidays, vacation, booking, hotel, plane, tickets, croatia

I couldn’t name the most beautiful spot in Croatia. This is simply because the whole country is stunning. The good news is that it’s fairly small, which means that two-three weeks would be quite enough for you to explore its fantastic scenery. Unless you decide to stay for good. Since most of the tourists prefer to head straight to Dalmatia and its famous Dubrovnik and Split, I suggest you to try the North-Western region of Istria and its beautiful surrounding islands. Walk on Roman cobble streets in the picturesque town of Rovinj, eat fantastic Croatian dishes and watch the sun sinking into the Adriatic, while sipping a cocktail in the old town. Once in the area, you shouldn’t miss the island of Rab, which you can easily reach by ferryboat from Rijeka. Rab is Croatia’s greenest island and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. To get to Istria, you can fly to Pula or to Rijeka. Get more info on

berlin, brandenburg gate,

And of course, there will always be Berlin 😀

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Dating Berlin – An introduction to Madness by Bonjour Berlin (BLW Contributor)


Most of the people I know in Berlin are no Berliners. And that’s not because I dislike the locals, but because it’s rather difficult to find them. My city is the city of everyone.

Berlin, Get lost, Dating Berlin

It was one of those perfect early weekend mornings, when you get out of the club and can smell the fresh air again. I opted to walk home, even though it took an eternity, instead of calling a cab or waiting for the subway. That was the moment when I started dating my city.

Berlin is mean. Every encounter is a new experience and, once trapped, you never want to leave again. I didn’t find a crumbling Colosseum on my way that morning, neither did I see an Eiffel Tower, or anything else that impresses at first glance. Instead, the smell of the cafes still open at 5 am, tired ravers ordering the famous after-party Berliner Currywurst at a corner stand, bizarre pieces of art in gallery windows, remains of the Berlin Wall turned into a canvas for graffiti – block after block, it slowly got under my skin. It was a feeling that outdid any Paris or Rome.

It happens to all the people I know: They move here and inevitably fall in love with the city.

It’s the imperfection

After visiting Berlin, a friend of mine decided to sell his flat in the US and move here. He had no plans, no apartment, and no job. But he had Berlin and that was enough. A Swedish friend of mine got a great job in London after spending a few years in Berlin. She earns much more than she did here, but is still desperately looking for any reason to come back to live in her old neighborhood again.

Another woman I know moved here from West Germany, right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. “It’s the imperfection of this city that I love – the chaos that makes it so special,” she told me. And to quote some famous Berlin fans, the guys from Depeche Mode, one could describe this madness as “No strings attached, just free love.”

Berlin makes you become someone else every day, just to adapt to its myriad facets. A journey from nonconformist Prenzlauer Berg, where you have to stand out to fit in, along the extravagant-trashy Mitte district, and ending in fancy Charlottenburg is like a trip around the world – a very inexpensive one.

One minute, Berlin is so German and the next minute it’s everything else: Russian, French, American, British, Turkish, Polish. And sooner or later it turns German again.

The best part is, here you can be anything, without being judged for it. I once heard someone on the local radio saying that Berlin is the place where you don’t know if something is a piece of art or a piece of garbage.

Flexibility required

And you have to be an artist, indeed, to appreciate thousands of paradoxes that make up this city. Here, you can spend an evening at the opera and later go to a sassy fashion show, organized in a church. You can go to a rundown bar and then have dinner at a restaurant just a few meters away, where the brand of your scarf will suspiciously be eyed for authenticity.

Leave on holiday for two weeks and your beloved bakery will turn into a shoe shop, your apartment building will start getting refurbished and the metro you usually take to work won’t be running for the next five months, due to construction work.

I had an Italian colleague at the university in Berlin who couldn’t speak a word of German (we studied in English). Well, just one word, actually: He could perfectly pronounce the tongue-twisterSchienenersatzverkehr. It means that some alternative means of transport are substituting the metro you had been counting on because the rails are currently under construction. It also means your morning commute will be a nightmare. I guarantee it will be one of the first words you learn when you move to Berlin.

Love affair with the past

Berlin is someone else’s past meeting your future. And the best place to witness that is at the flea markets. Everything related to the socialist regime is more than trendy here: plastic kitchen utensils, empty boxes of washing powder, even worn-out 30-year-old shoes. In Berlin, GDR sells.

Nevertheless, Berlin is not entirely monogamous in its love affair with the past: There’s a market for new ideas, too. In Berlin you can even make money selling paper eyeglasses made of recycled cardboard – which have no lenses and, basically, no practical use whatsoever. A few years ago, a young Berliner started wearing them at parties, just for fun, and soon they created near hysteria in the city’s hottest clubs. Now, his so-called “Pappbrille” are a viable business.

Sometimes, this city is such a jumbled concoction that it can overwhelm. A local photographer once said, “I have to take Berlin in small doses, so I can digest it”.

But I’m still grabbing any opportunity to date my city. I’m ready for its imperfection and its nasty moods; I’m even ready for Schienenersatzverkehr and construction sites, as long as I have this beautifully arranged chaos, where garbage is art and vice versa.

It’s been a few years now and I’m far from getting bored.

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