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The strength of any tree is in its trunk. Your strength comes from your core so make sure you build in some core strengthening to your daily routine.

Training with good form and taking strength from your core will work over time but some specifics will make a difference quicker.

Also take time for your back-” – between the two they are the things standing you up straight every day.

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Amy by Purpleanais (BLW Contributor)



I watch the mess you made, the mess they made of you. From the very first, you were a damaged little bird. When you think about it, the reasons — daddy, then druggy dandy — were so fucking absurd. Yeah, you created a stir, threw tantrums, you were obviously disturbed as well as stellar, you really needed someone to be stern with you. Then maybe, just maybe Amy, this slow decline into squalor and horrid emotional torture wouldn’t have occurred.

I watch you on the screen, through my fingers, feeling intense sorrow mingling with growing horror.
I see you, Amy…
so hurt,
your words.

All that potential, annihilated by your own sorry self…and others, greedy vultures.
The jazzy smoky voice.
The rowdy dirty laugh.
Everything you could have been. Everything you already were – your myriads of colours.
Amy W 1

People, what do they know, say it was your bloody vices or even evil curses that precipitated this disaster…whatever! But what really ruined you, Amy, was the fact that nobody ever thought of saying, and meaning, nonono to you. It wasn’t a dark love that destroyed you, it was the utter and shocking lack of tough love from your dearest and closest.
So, one day, your heart stopped beating. Way too early. Maybe you got tired of waiting for things to get better. But it’s not the end of your story, how could it ever be. You went back to black, Amy — but you left forever behind that fragile little girl, who just reallyonly, wanted to be heard.

*I watched “Amy”, Asif Kapadia’s documentary about singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse at 3am today after a fantastic and joyful night out. Was it the alcohol still flowing in my veins or the extremely well-made film? Probably both, but I found it incredibly poignant and was in floods of tears by the end of it – I just had to write those few words when the end credits had finished rolling. I love Amy’s voice, but even if you’re not a fan, I heartily recommend watching the documentary.

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The Dragon’s Philosophy – Trust the Process



The Dragon’s Philosophy – The Intercepting Fist


Jeet Kune Do (JKD) literally translated from Chinese means “way of the intercepting fist”. It reflects Bruce Lee’s concepts, philosophy and training methods with regards to martial arts . Bruce Lee who started his base with Wing Chun Kung Fu eventually rejected the notion of sticking to one art and began exploring various other martial arts styles including boxing, judo, wrestling, savate and fencing . Bruce Lee disposed with ideals within a style adopting a flexible approach to seek what works best. He christened his martial art as Jeet Kune Do.

Tao of Jeet Kune Do: New Expanded Edition

Champions Philosophy – (A Belief in Yourself)



iCanvasART Muhammad Ali Vs. Sonny Liston by iCanvasART 3-Piece Canvas Art Print, 36 by 12-Inch

“New Year New You”….for real this time by D.A.R.E Fit (BLW Contributor)


So I’m sitting here attempting to watch this Steelers vs Ravens playoff game and it’s not holding my attention. The Steelers are down by 15 and Ben Rothlesberger (I probably didn’t spell his name right) seems to think he’s playing for the Ravens. Now granted, I’m not a fan of either team, I just wanted to see a close game. As my mind wanders away from football I start to think about my goals for 2015 and also the hope everyone seems to feel every year the calendar changes.

On January 1 people are filled with so much hope and optimism. We make goals that range from from getting in shape to starting a business. Sadly, for most, these resolutions won’t last past MLK Day. But why are we so inconsistent when it comes to goals that we want to reach, and how can this failure rate be reversed? Here’s a few tips that have helped myself and others stay the course:

  1. Write your goal or goals down on paper. Doing this makes the tangible.
  2. Keep your written down goals in a visible place. This keeps your focus.
  3. Understand that it’s a process.
  4. Break your large goals into smaller increments. You can’t eat a hamburger in one bite the same is true when trying to achieve anything.
  5. Keep up the momentum. Continue your progress each time you reach another level, and celebrate each small success.
  6. Don’t give up. A lot of us give up right when we’re on the cusp of achieving major success. The worst thing you can do in this world is give up on yourself.

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The Dragon’s Philosophy – Be Like Water



The Dragon’s Philosophy – Undefeated



The Dragon’s Philosophy – Be in the Moment