Star Wars: The Last Jedi – A forgettable experience

Treeman and the Gang

The first teaser trailer for the new Star Wars trailer is out and the Internet went totally wild about it. People coming up with praise for the trailer and enourmous speculation about what Skywalkers “it is time for the Jedi…to end” all means. Plenty of theories has already been written and talked about though most sensible people will probably recognize that he means that it is time for the old Jedi Order to end. So let’s just trash the whole “Skywalker is evil” or “Skywalker is Snoke, so he dresses up like an overgrown zombie-alien when he communicates with the First Order in front of a holo-camera.”
Let’s get it out: Yes, the new teaser trailer was pretty good because it sparked interest but it was also incredible forgettable. I had totally forgot it the day after its release because it shows us nothing execpt what we already would expect…

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Top News from an Insomniac- Lorde is dating an Asian Man…Me?




Seriously, it’s been like four fucking days since I’ve got a good night sleep. I got sick on Sunday, so I guess you can contribute that to my erratic sleeping behavior. But I’ve been up since 3AM looking at people’s blogs about cheese and listening to Candian Indie Music, which isn’t that bad. I’ve tired everything from having sex, masterbating, drinking cough syrup, and I even worked out hard today and I couldn’t fall asleep. This shit better not continue in the next following days or I might just skip the mornings completely. Here is the top news that I found interesting while I was going insane from no sleep.


– Lorde’s boyfriend breaks his silenceShe’s into Asian dudes… I said it!


– Johnny Manziel impresses by pro player time of day.  – He would look good in a San Diego Charger’s uniform- Go Chargers!!!

– Why Is the US Military Averaging More Than a Mission a Day in Africa?

The officers running secret operations there have been calling Africa “the battlefield of tomorrow, today.” 


– Adidas And Pharrell Join Forces For “Long Term” Partnership

adidas announced today a long term partnership with musical super star Pharrell Williams. The first adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams products will debut in the Summer of 2014.  – I want more news about that big dumb hat he has!!!


– Actor Zac Efron Reportedly Punched In Face By Homeless Man On Skid Row – No autographs means no autographs. I’m pretty it was just a a coke deal gone wrong.

– Amazon will reportedly launch free video streaming service Way to be competitive…NOT! 


– Nick Cannon Disses Kim Kardashian As He Reveals He Once Slept With Her – I am that only dude that hasn’t slept with Kim K?

– Robin Thicke Says He and Paula Patton ‘Much Happier’ After Split- I wondering if Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin can say the same thing?


– Teenager Attempts Suicide Because He Couldn’t Take Perfect Selfie

This story should be classified under the category, “FIND YOUR CHILL!”

19-year-old Danny Bowman spent 10 hours each day taking up to 200 pictures of himself on his IPhone but was never satisfied with his results – This is why Instagram has filters to hide your flaws or just hire a photo double.


– Bradley Cooper Might Replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Bradley Cooper is rumoured to play the lead in the next ‘Indiana Jones’ film. – I’m just hoping Shia LaBeouf got killed in the last movie and I want that little Asian kid back in the movie! Sure, he might be 40 or whatever but fuck he was funny!

– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Official Trailer) 2014