BLW Interview w/ Game of Thrones star, Jason Momoa talks about Justice League and Fashion

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What my 20’s have taught me: I think I’m ready to settle down



Every day I cringe at my Facebook ‘memory’ updates that remind me of what I loser I was 5 years ago.

But overly self indulgent text talk status’ aside, I’m taken back to the carefree, fun 20 year old me.

Having only just turned 25, it’s really quite remarkable how much I’ve changed as a person in just 5 years.

20 year old me was still very much a teenager, with raging hormones and living in a cycle of University studying procrastination, self obsession and all too frequent very drunken nights out.

21 year old me realised that actually, studying isn’t so bad. I suppose I became a swot. I loved Uni and I loved to learn. I suddenly learnt that in school I’d been put into the ‘not so clever’ category and given up on by teachers as a result of such. So I gave up too. But the 21…

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I step back in time to explore my roots


My Random Musings

The waves crash in the distance as my friend and I board the train to Jaffna. Still half asleep at 5 am, we settle into our seats for the 8-hour train ride.

I am anxious and excited about this trip for many reasons. I have never visited this part of Sri Lanka due to the civil war that was on for more than 20 years. However I am excited because I have heard so many stories of this area from my mother who was originally from there.

The Northern and Eastern  part of the country was out-of-bounds for many years because of the war. The Tamil Tigers, the terrorist organization was fighting for a separate state claiming discrimination. Most often the heavy fighting was confined to that part making it hard or almost impossible for anyone to get their. While the rest of the country did their best to carry…

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Acquaintances yet Unacquainted (BLW Contributor)


SK writes life

In life, we come across a lot of people, as friends or just acquaintances, Most of the time we are not able to feel the level of comfort required in a close friendship with everyone.We also end up being judged harshly by them because of not being rightly understood due to this lack of comfort.

Usually, people only understand us as much as the limitation of their mind allow them to.They judge us on the level of their mentality , thinking, opinions and backgrounds.Not everyone belongs to the same mindset as us, Not everyone is at the same level of maturity in life.Mostly their perceptions about others reflect their own personalities in many ways.

With such people most of the time our words and actions are taken wrongly and explaining ourselves or proving our reality becomes pointless, as for them an image of us is already formed based on their assumptions of…

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The Circle of Life (BLW Contributor)

Ricardo Hanley Jr.

The Circle of Life

“Who has mastered time to avoid decay, to grow without fear of the grave? To age and gauge their full potential, preserving their physical and their mental. Life propels everything that dwells within the binds of time to excel, in order to find soils of new truths where it may dwell. We as seeds must grow to a root, which in time, will stretch forth becoming the foundation, the force and source of a new lineage, a family tree, birthed through the cycle of eternity. Finally when the root has given its last bit of energy, it is then reincarnated in the first fruits and their seeds, generations may generate eternally. All life has the right to sovereign living, to receive the time they have been given and to grieve, when the time comes, to watch the tears of the ones they love, as their soul…

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BLW Interview w/ Mickey Rourke talking about Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

BLW Interview w/ Tom Arnold talking about Donald Trump’s 1st Press Conference


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February: Affirming a Smart Legacy


arturo_alfonso_schomburg Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, born and raised in Puerto Rico and grew to prove that African Americans and African Carribeans have a history, a relevance, and have unleashed countless contributions to their adoptive societies. A great collector of historical documents. Established the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York.

tubman-on-slaves Soldiering, spying, and slave resistance in a time without technology. A wonder.

By:  E. R. Smith

In our early history there was no Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn;

Facebook was church.

Social media was all religions and therein movements grew; after decades became televised.

Tweets; kept everyone off the city bus one year.

Instant Message; was the Jim Crow signs in our neighborhoods.

Ping back by reminding everybody; “What preacher said Sunday?”

james-weldon-johnson-poet-quote-as-yet-the-negroes-themselves-do-notLinkedIn was a community barber; or hair salon.

eHarmony was socials, bible study, and family picnics.

What is now thought of as soft, old, corny; schooled the toughest and most tenacious fighters.

Call it dull…

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Who has an opinion? (BLW Contributor)


social media.jpg

Do you have an opinion? Well, yeah, who doesn’t? Opinions are important, and we actually need them. Without opinions, how could we make up our minds about things? For instance, when I have an opinion about something I hear, I learn more about it, then I draw a conclusion about the validity of it. Is it true? Is it right? Do I agree or disagree with it?

With social media such as it is, opinions are flung around like fleas from a shaking hound dog. Opinions come from our perspective of the world around us, and social media allows us to be more aware of that world than we were in the past. When I was a kid I knew nothing about politics and didn’t care. The subject was rarely discussed in our home, so the only time I was exposed to a political conversation was in the Social Studies class…

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Voices in my Head by Light Writes


I find a lot of things difficult to explain about my personal writing. Questions such as, where do you find the inspiration? What do you write about? Why is it always  depressing topics? Sometimes I wonder whether my lacking ability to answer has lead most people to believe I can’t write at all. Recently I shared a piece of my writing with two family members – a rare occasion as usually I would be too self conscious – and the response I got was: ‘Wow, that was a bit deep… really professional!’.

On replying ‘thank you’, I received ‘oh, you wrote that?’. The disbelief honestly made my heart drop a little – and perhaps the faith in myself too.

There’s a conversation I remember having with my dad when I was ten years old, so I had known for a few years that I wanted to be an author. My dad, although he may not appear to be on the surface, is actually a profound reader and most importantly, really enjoys it. So I remember him telling me what makes a great book – the author’s knowledge of their own characters.

Anyone who has ever written a story, whether it be for a high school assignment or a published print, will know that it is impossible – not to mention very boring – to include every little detail about a character. But that’s not to say the detail isn’t needed to bring a character to life. We’ve all experienced a moment when we learn something new about someone, that changes our perception of them. Even if we don’t know something about someone, it does not change the fact that their own experiences, personalities and secrets – or ‘details’ as I have been referring to them – are influencing their actions and directions. People act through their own intentions rather than our perceptions in reality and so should characters in a story.

Now I come to the voices in my head. The way I create my characters is simple: I have conversations with them. Before anyone begins to think it’s a crazy idea I would just like to remind you, that as you are reading this my voice is in your head. And you are learning something about me now, because you are openly listening to that voice in your head.

So, when my little voice suddenly conjures, ‘Hey, what if?’ I give the time to listen to it. Then I’m listening to a story that belongs to a character just being born. To elaborate I must ask questions:

“Well, why would that happen to you?”

Because this happened when I was a child.

“Why would you be scared people would think that about you?”

Because I look a certain way.

Notice these questions are all personally directed to the character. It takes time but eventually I know this person so well I can take their name and walk down the street in their shoes. Of course the choice for me to write their story or scrap it is still down to whether I fall in love, but this is so much easier than trying to wedge them into a premade plan.

I’ve found this technique has helped me generate a lot more creativity and depth for my plots. While still finding my feet in the blogging and writing worlds I’m comforted in having accomplished my level of imagination and empathy. Next I hope to become as personal and open with my readers, as my characters are with me.

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