Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Here’s Ryan Gosling story & pics



She’s at a job interview right now. Then she should be on her way back to me.

It’s the longest we spent apart since we met. Just one night.

I got so used to her. To us. That now is odd for her not to be around. And I overslept. By a lot.

Bisho took her place in bed. Hey. I love my cat. But I prefer her by a lot.

I slept all over the place. And woke up several times in the morning. Just to be like… wait… have I been dreaming for the past week or so?!

Nah. My room is extremely clean.

I don’t even remember what it used to be like. Well… it was very dirty. But I ignored the fuck out of it.

Sunday was great.

Not only is my blog infested with cheesiness. Now my Instagram story line is too. First video story…

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April looks promising – Work, Money & Brad Pitt by Matthew Suarez

in n out


I feel like a senior in college the night before he has to turn in his last thesis. Except this time I’m not turning in 50+ pages of random liberal crap like I used to spout for my Resolution of Conflicts minor… I wished I saved my senior theses, I bet they were horrendous. I wrote two different 50 page, one 30 page and one shared 50 page with a team of four, fuck working in teams (it was about saving the whales). 

April looks promising. There is a lot of good stuff that will be happening (I hope and I am sorta nervous for all of it). I haven’t seen this much work laying on my desktop in a while. It’s a bit of a clusterfuck, but I’m getting it done one by one. It will be a very busy month. I have a lot of ideas for larger articles and I plan to do major changes to Tijuana Adventure. 

March was difficult, but March is also almost over. I spent most of it being broke and stressed while working and looking for a job. It wasn’t until this last Tuesday that I finally got a decent paycheck. I paid a little debt that I had, enjoyed myself, and did some work. Unfortunately, the work I did was rejected and the other research I was doing prove to be more difficult than I first though (and I have more difficult research to do this week).

I tried working on Tuesday, but on my way to San Diego all I could think of was that I finally had some money. And once I deposited my check to the bank and had some cash, all I could think of is that I could finally eat out and enjoy myself. 

On Wednesday, I spent my morning doing some fruitless research and decided to go out. Found out that the awesome artist Teak (who happens to be my neighbor) painted me in his mural. His mural is about immigrants in Tijuana, Teak himself being one (and of course, myself)

Thursday I worked on more fruitless research, that I ended up deciding switching my focus to the events from Wednesday, the Dinner in The Sky shit. Also started collecting info and pictures for a food review of a vegan place.

Friday I sent what I had work on so far on the week, sadly, this was my aforementioned rejected article. That afternoon I got more vegan food and went to Plaza Fiesta to get an interview for a re-write (more of this in upcoming weeks). I got day drunk thanks to a Quadruple Belgian beer (and others) but got great material and pictures for more work.
Saturday the same, more work. I’m glad there wasn’t soccer matches on the Mexican league this weekend, otherwise I would have done nothing but watch soccer. I went to a different nerdy/awesome restaurant to again, collect pictures and information for yet more work! I think this is the post that I have typed the word “work” the most. Then I did more nerdy stuff by going to the Plaza Friki to play Street Fighter V with my friend Ohh Wow (I kicked his ass). Got more interview material and pictures at night for more and more work I’ll be doing this week… 

And guess what I did on Sunday?! I worked! I transcribed, wrote, edited, restructured and organized more WORK! Now I wished all this worked paid, but I guess that is where I’m barely getting at. Working and suffering to build a career (that hopefully is nothing like House of Cards). Tired from all the work, I napped on the early afternoon and woke up near midnight. Realizing it was Monday already and knowing that I have a lot of work to do on the week, I wrote the Monday blog post before dawn just to get it out of the way.

Brad Pitt

On my years chasing celebrities, I had a top three celebrities that people always asked for that I almost never saw. Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp. I never saw Depp, but I did catch Pitt and Clooney for a very brief moment each. Seriously, all I got were like 10 seconds. These people are busy. So I shouldn’t be complaining about how busy I am. I still have time to go to a nerdy plaza to play videogames… 

feb 5 2011
I saw Pitt on February 5, 2011, that same day I also saw… Paris Hilton. And yes, if you are wondering, I did see Angelina Jolie (stories later).

Pitt arrived on Terminal 2, so I’m guessing he was coming from Air France. There were dozens of paparazzi waiting, but he snuck by some “not so secret” doors and only a few caught him (I had a great position). Anyway, here are the pics of the only time I saw Pitt.

And now that I am done with my blog… I can go to bed (it’s 2:57 now) so I can wake up and do more work. I’m kinda hungry, but I’m sure that eating at this hour is not a good idea. Napping for four hours during the afternoon is also not a good idea, but I guess this is the life of a freelance.

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Leo DiCaprio and Fuck the Oscars by Matthew Suarez



WOOO!!! It’s party time! Let’s celebrate that DiCaprio finally won a fucking Oscar and everyone can STFU with the same fucking stupid joke. Seriously. A joke stops being funny after hearing it a couple of times. The DiCaprio Oscar joke has been going around for fucking ever and it’s not funny.

In fact, the Oscars are a complete shitty circle jerk for actors and bull crap. 

The Oscars meant one thing for me. I HAVE SHIT TONS OF WORK THE NIGHT AND MORNING OF THEM. A lot of actors don’t like Los Angeles, like Kate Winslet, she flies in for an event and leaves as soon as possible. 

Now more about Leo. He is one weird mother fucker. A smart one. But a fucking weirdo from my experiences with him. 

Leo, if you didn’t know, is extremely against paparazzi. He has a good reason for it as well. He knows his image is worth $$$ so he protects his own image to ridiculous degrees. I tried hiding or not even taking his picture, the dude knows how to avoid getting his picture taken. He makes photos of him so obsolete that he makes his image value go up. Getting one good picture of Leo in his natural state is one of the best things you can get. But he is EXTREMELY CAREFUL.

I’ve even hear that in restaurants he requests tables that faces a wall so he can stare at the wall while he eats and no one sees him. Completely believable. The dude from the moment that he gets out of his limousine, just looks down to where his feet are and covers 92% of his face. EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO ONE AROUND. 

I saw Leo a few times. He was never worth it because he was so good at making the picture worthless. Because he wasn’t worth it, several times we got experimental to see if he would crack. He never did.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Leo is a great actor and a smart dude, just not really likable in person. And it’s not because he is against paparazzi, he just doesn’t seem to have any genuine charm. Many child actors turn out to be weird and unrelatable to the real world, except Elijah Wood. I talked to him for a few minutes at LAX once and it was awesome, but that’s another story. The reason I don’t like Leo is because of all his left-super-liberal agenda.

In one of my classes in University (I went to college for Conflict Studies besides music) we studied celebrities for the environment. Leo Di Caprio came out as a prominent figure… to make fun off. Celebrities that just latch to a cause and truly believe in it even though they have the rhetoric all wrong and can really explain why they hold those ideals. I get it that he is doing for good causes, but it is similar to when Steve Harvey says crap like “If are an atheist, you have no moral barometer,” or “why do we still have monkeys?” or “homosexuality is a sin, but lesbians are cool.” It is one extreme from the left and right. But they are both believing in their heart, that they are right. I’m going to go ahead and agree with Leo, but he does more harm than benefit to the cause.

Anyway, talked too much about Leo. Done with it. Here are some shitty pictures from January 17, 2009 with Bar Refaeli and Leo’s mom. I don’t find any other folders with his name, but I am sure I saw him at least couple more times. There are probably no pictures because they were even worse than this set:

That’s it! Now I have tons of work to finish but at least I am inspired to work. Hopefully I get it all on time so I can make money this week, but I really doubt it. Next tours I do, I should probably charge…

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Horrible week turns to Awesome weekend with the help of Olivia Munn by Matthew Suarez


2016-01-07 14.23.46


The autograph picture as a mousepad. The autograph is almost gone 😦

My week couldn’t have started any worse. At least last week I did publish on my blog on a Monday. But after writing in my blog, I went to a bar, took a tequila shot for courage, and I confessed my infatuation for a lesbian girl. It didn’t go well. Why would she care, she likes women. It was a shot at the dark with a success rate of less than .82%, worse even is that I declared my love through a Facebook message.

Trying to separate my emotional life with my financial, the next day I pitched a column I was confident about. “This could either make me or break me,” I wrote on a Facebook status. Turns out I was wrong. The column got rejected, but it open a dialogue with the main editor to work on more feature stories. It was my third rejection after having almost everything accepted. I lost my spirit, but had to pull through.

I woke up on Thursday at 6 am with a story in mind. I sent it around noon, took a nap, and woke up to the news that I got published. Got hungry and went to eat a burger and also to do work and write another review. On Friday morning I got a couple of emails for Tijuana Adventure and then I went to a cat cafe, again to work on a story. Also my friend Graham visited from Santa Barbara and brought me a gift that will make me happy for a month or more. Graham came for a dentist visit, but stayed to inject Tijuana into his veins, partying with my roommate on Saturday till 9 am.

I couldn’t join them on Saturday because I had a last minute Tijuana Adventure. It was a last minute bachelor party for a guy nicknamed Squints. The tour started at 7 pm and after some small trouble at the border and the taxis, the party was on its way. We started at Plaza Fiesta, grabbing some beers at Border Psycho and Paralelo 28. We then walked to Tacos El Franc, continued walking to El Tinieblo for mezcal, up to Norte Brewing Company for one last craft beer before hitting up the bachelor party debauchery.

I woke up at 9 am to my roommate getting home with Graham. Wild times. Also the bachelor party paid twice the original price I quoted them. Lucky weekend indeed. Except you know, the shit Pats and the shit Broncos won their NFL games (also Gallos Blancos lost). At least I am not emotionally involved in football to care much, but I fucking hate the Pats and the Broncos (and the Cowboys).

Now for this week I have three stories I need to finish quickly so I can start working on a new feature story. This is an article I have been working for more than a year and it should be grand when I finish. The email exchange with the editor was about how he paid for a few of my stories but never published them. I expect them to come out soon!

And holy shit!!! Just to see if luck was really on my side, I went to the casino and quadrupled my money.

Olivia Munn

In completely unrelated news (like almost always), Olivia Munn. I have an autograph picture by her that I am using as a mouse pad. I remember when it happened, Goth the autograph collector was there. Olivia being the awesome person she is, signed over 10 of the photographs Goth presented to her. I asked Goth if he would sell me one, gave me one of them for free since Olivia’s signature was barely visible to the dark background. Olivia Munn also became the subject of my conversation more than a couple of times these past few weeks and I didn’t know she was dating Aaron Rodgers (holy fuck, what an awesome quarterback, he dominated on Jeopardy as well!).


And through TSA! I am always surprised at how good my pictures are… This used to be such a regular thing and I was so desensitized to celebrities…. It’s Olivia fucking Munn looking beautiful and I gave 0 fucks….

According to my hard-drive, the only time I saw Olivia Munn was on October 10, 2010 (aka 10/10/10). That day I also saw Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Alfonso Cuarón (story here). And I also saw Eric Bana, Jessica Chastain and Jessica Stroup (I know that Eric Bana was Hulk at some point, I seriously have no idea who the other two are. I think Stroup is from 90210, but I am going to google it). Holy shit! I was right about Jessica Stroup, still no idea about Chastain….

Until next week for more of what used to be my life and what is my life now.


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Tijuana adventures are going to kill me, Star Wars & Harrison Ford by Matthew Suarez


I had an unproductive week, yet it was awesome. I managed to get one story published about Dia de Reyes after getting two rejections in a row. The stories that got rejected took me way longer to work on, the one that got published was an anecdote of how Mexican I am. I got paid way less than what I had planned, but somehow I manage to survive (late for rent again).

On Thursday I saw Star Wars with my roommate, his girlfriend, the Brownie Girl and my neighbor. We went to the VIP theater (tickets only $8). Those theaters are fucking awesome. You get a whole reclining couch, a table and a waiter. I bought a beer, a coke (for Brownie Girl) and large popcorn, it was only $9.

The movie was also way better than expected. I am not a huge Star Wars fan. The original trilogy I saw when I was way young and I didn’t care much about them. I know more about Star Wars through videogames and the Family Guy/Robot Chicken parodies (and Spaceballs). The other three I saw on the theaters and thought bleh of them.

On Friday the Mexican soccer league short tournament started. My team, Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, lost 1-3 and they started winning. This coupled with the news that nothing is going to happen with the girl I like threw me in a drunken manic depression. At least I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in Tijuana, Voodoo Stu’s. His fried chicken is the best chicken I ever had. I had two plates. And yes, people say I am gaining weight….

I had an impromptu Tijuana Adventure on Saturday when a friend told me he broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to go wild. We had one beer at Nelson’s Bar at 3 pm and then we headed down to Zona Norte debauchery. After eating tacos, I took a gamble and said fuck it, let’s try this shit strip club for cheap beers before the real action. The place was horrible as a fat stripper danced to a slow song, the waiter gave us 6 Tecates for $10. We drank the beers faster than frat boys when showing off.

Harrison Ford

I didn’t read any Star Wars spoilers, not even the cast. When Harrison Ford came on screen I was like, fuck yeah!!!! This is awesome. Chewie is also great. My roommate always says I look like a shaved wookie…

I saw other Star Wars people, but I don’t remember much except for Ford. I already posted about Natalie Portman and I am not going to waste my time with Hayden Christensen (I saw him a bunch because of Rachel Bilson).

Ford I saw once and I remember being nervous. The guy I worked with told me he could be weird though a total legend. He was actually very chill, but my frames were kinda shitty as I tried to keep my distance. 


Check out the rest of the article @ https://matingas.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/tijuana-adventures-are-going-to-kill-me-star-wars-harrison-ford/

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Awesome New Years, Endless Sunday & Carrot Top by Matthew Suarez



I usually have a shitty time during New Year’s. Not this year. My brother hosted a dinner party in his house with food by his father-in-law, it was amazing. That party disheveled before midnight, which was excellent because I had planned to take pictures of the fireworks from my rooftop.

My neighbor, David, had a small party in his apartment. It was supposed to be pre-drinks and then an outing. The outing never came and I ended up crashing the party until past 4:00 a.m. Cool people, pretty girls, magnificent host, it was a great time.

The next day felt like a Sunday, though it was Friday. My friends/co-workers from the Reader rented a house in Playas de Tijuana, I crashed that party as well and offered touring them the next day. Not only did I crash it but invited my friend Pinche Paco, the girl I am in love with and her uncle. That party ended early and I slept at my parents.

The following day, again feeling like Sunday, early drinking ensued as I toured them around Playami. We followed the tour with craft beers, nachos and pizza in Plaza Fiesta. I ended that tour early as they wanted to Playas and simply crash. Before walking all the way home, I went for one last beer. I bumped into my neighbor with other girls at Border Psycho. I blinked my eyes and the night escalated quickly. I was suddenly in full party mode, taking tequila shots, walking from party to party.

I woke up on real Sunday, really hungover, really feeling like Sunday when I remembered I had a private Tijuana Adventure (this usually ends in strip clubs). Again drinking and partying for me, this time, getting paid to do so. I am not complaining, it’s just tiring. Nevertheless, it was fun times and I ended with more money in my wallet than the previous day.

Again, I woke up today with the feeling of a Sunday. The shitty weather outside wasn’t helping. I wasn’t very productive today, only thing I managed was to shower, reply to several emails and write this entry. As of now, I haven’t decided what celebrity I am posting. I am leaning towards Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed or Jamie Chung.

Carrot Top

Ok Ok…. so a friend and fellow paparazzi, Ryan Fu, suggested Carrot Top. Of course I saw this bizarre excuse for a human. I barely have any memories of it, but I have a few frames that are horrible. I did not care much about taking his picture since I knew it wouldn’t sell (and if it did, maybe just for $10). So here are the pictures of Carrot Top (Scott Thompson), listing who else I saw that day. No disrespect to Carrot Top, but you are worthless and prop comedy is fucking shit. You were pretty good on the Trailer Park Boys movie though.


First time I saw him (according to my hard drive), was on February 4, 2009. That same day I saw Alessandra Ambrossio (who I should be posting pictures off instead), Elizabeth Hurley, Brooke Shields, Tim Matheson and a bunch of people from the then “new” Star Trek movie (including Zoe Saldana).


I was two days late on my blog. Not a good way to start the year. I also got rejected twice which I didn’t expect, at the same time got published and I didn’t expect that one to go through. I’m pretty broke right now, but it all points out that 2016 will be a way better year. I just need to FUCKING WORK. Sorry for being late (to myself, in you haven’t noticed, I talk to myself a lot in here. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MATINGAS).

Check out the rest of the article @ https://matingas.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/awesome-new-years-endless-sunday-carrot-top/

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How to act when your a Diva (Beyonce)? by Matthew Suarez


beyonce flash 2 (1)


Since I don’t have much to talk about… and I can’t decide what celebrity to post. I went back and looked at what I was doing exactly today but in 2010. The answer was, working at LAX. The celebrities were: Beyonce, Katherine McPhee, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Lautner.

n the same folder of this shoot, I have the back of Britney Spears’ head. So I guess Britney was snuck-in to her flight on the bottom floor while paparazzi were distracted with Taylor. I also saw the werewolf kid a bunch of times at LAX and in her home when he lived in Valencia, Ca.

Katherine McPhee was always a sweetheart. I saw her a bunch of times at LAX and once in the valley. This time, I barely got a picture of her and it’s not even sharp.

I saw Kim Kardashian (and her whole family) so many times at LAX. Kim is really photogenic and obviously really nice to the paparazzi. After all, it was the paps that made her who she is today. I have thousands of pictures of the Kardashian, I am sure I saw them more than once a week for like 3 years straight…

Taylor LautnerMcphee (1)zKim K

Beyonce is the worst diva in the world and not a nice person. Her ginormous bodyguard that looks like Charles Barkley’s twin brother is an aggressive motherfucker that fears no one. This was not the first time I saw Beyonce (and not the last) and she was always surrounded by bodyguards. I didn’t even get close to her and he pushed me away. I never got clear pictures since her group of assistants block you and stand on the way.

beyonce flash (1)beyonce long (1)

But of course, they didn’t know we were going to be waiting on the upstairs area with long lenses. They still hid a lot and it was around midnight so the pictures were no good. But hey, Beyonce! … right? I don’t really know any of her songs except Single Ladies…

beyonce long 2 (1)

So… 5 years ago I was going around through LAX getting celebrity pictures. Now 2015 is about to end and I am still in Tijuana, but things are for sure different than when I started. This city keeps getting better and better and I keep doing better for myself. Thanks to the Reader, my tours might become a popular thing and I am still getting published by them.

Check out the rest of the story & more pictures @ https://matingas.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/cold-is-gone-tijuana-reader-adventure-beyonce-katherine-mcphee-kim-kardashian-and-taylor-lautner/

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