Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Here’s Ryan Gosling story & pics



She’s at a job interview right now. Then she should be on her way back to me.

It’s the longest we spent apart since we met. Just one night.

I got so used to her. To us. That now is odd for her not to be around. And I overslept. By a lot.

Bisho took her place in bed. Hey. I love my cat. But I prefer her by a lot.

I slept all over the place. And woke up several times in the morning. Just to be like… wait… have I been dreaming for the past week or so?!

Nah. My room is extremely clean.

I don’t even remember what it used to be like. Well… it was very dirty. But I ignored the fuck out of it.

Sunday was great.

Not only is my blog infested with cheesiness. Now my Instagram story line is too. First video story…

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Yummy Gluten-Free Recipes by Mariah Stuart


Written by: Mariah Stuart

WOW! It has been a really long time. I am so happy to be back on my blog, but so much has happened in the mean time. I am now officially GLUTEN-FREE 😦 It makes me really sad. I was having a lot of stomach problems for the past year, and finally doc came up with an answer. So my life is changing completely but the good thing about it is… bread is bad for you ANYWAYS. Just a half a week of being gluten-free and I have noticed a lot of changes in my body. I am becoming more fit 🙂 I have a BUNCH of new recipes I want to post. I found the best sauces to cook with!!! I am so excited to share with you all.

The first thing I am obsessed with is… this pesto sauce. Ok…. So when I am craving pasta, I now cook with corn pasta and measure out about a half a cup. Literally all you have to do is put about a teaspoon of this pesto sauce in your corn pasta and its amazing. There are two brands of gluten free pasta I love. Below are pictures of the pesto sauce and pasta. Throw in some veggies to your pasta too and add a little salt and pepper.


1. half a cup of gluten free pasta (Trader Joes or Whole Foods)
2. 1 teaspoon-1 tablespoon of pesto sauce (Trader Joes)
3. frozen broccoli
4. a chicken breast (optional…)

This is such an easy recipe and it tastes so good! I love pesto so this is one of my easy meals that I love to cook now 🙂

Ok another recipe that I have been cooking are TURKEY BURGERS. I used to hate these things, but I have come up with a yummy recipe that I love. I am assuming this recipe is about 400 calories max but the sugar is low. So… here is what you need to make it….


Ok…you need…
1. turkey burgers (Trader Joes frozen sections)
2. Udi gluten free buns or you can use ones with gluten
3. peppers… onion (I am really bad at food photography haha)
4. garlic
5. salt pepper

How to cook
1. cook your turkey burger
2. toast your Udi burger bun or your bun of choice
3. chop peppers and onion… add garlic, salt and pepper and cover for 5-10 mins

So the trick is to put all the yummy sauces on the bun but keep the sauce amount to a minimum… don’t get crazy
1. half a teaspoon of ranch (I like Whole Foods brand)
1. half a teaspoon of pesto (from Trader Joes… pic is above)
1. half a teaspoon of bbq sauce (I like sweet baby rays from Ralphs)

I know that sounds gross but just try it haha. Also I like to add some peppercinis 🙂 I love spicy food.

So add all the sauces to the bun, add the peppercinis, the onions and peppers and of course… the turkey burger! I am really bad at food photography but hahaha here is the final product! So yummy!


So for a great CHEAT MEAL on the weekend… try these gluten free mini pancakes from Trader Joes. They are so good. They are only 240 calories for 3 but the problem is the sugar content is 11 grams. So eat them only for a cheat meal instead of regular pancakes.


If you keep the syrup to a low fat, low sugar brand…. you can definitely keep this meal under 300 calories.

Ok so my boyfriend loves my baked potato recipe and it is very simple. This is the last recipe for this specific post… but here is all you need…

1. a potato
2. broccoli and cheese mix (Ralphs)


All you have to do is..
1. microwave your potato for 3-4 mins or you can bake it
2. microwave 1 individual broccoli and cheese packet for 2.5 mins
3. cut the potato and enjoy!

I loveeee this recipe because it is gluten free and the sauce is only 40 calories. I eat it for dinner all the time. You will love it 🙂

With Love,

Mariah Stuart     CHECK OUT MARIAH’S BLOG @ Eat.Drink.Gym