Inside the Agora – The Power of Belief

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Inside the Agora – Is there virture in being nothing?


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My Dream City: CHI TOWN – Chicago (BLW Contributor)


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Every chance that I get to travel, I take it by the horns. Traveling is one of those things that really helps me ease my mind and relax me from the daily hustle.

Ever since I was a little girl I was very intrigued with Chicago. My parents actually worked there many years before I was born and the stories they told/tell me always intrigued me. It sounded so beautiful and like the perfect hub for all cultures. I especially used to love the fact that Lithuanians have a whole part of town where they group in order to keep our culture and customs alive, which can be hard when you move to a different country.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago. I am blessed to say the least. The weather was beyond beautiful and the activities were beyond exciting! The fall season is here…

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Motivation Monday!!! – Take Control of your Life by Anthony Robbins


Be Like Water

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Anthony Robbins Motivation – Tony Robbins 5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Life Now

Tony Robbins has been an inspiration for millions. Love him and his philosophy or not, it is undeniable that he has had a positive impact on millions of people. He has sold over 30-million motivational tapes, published three best-selling self-help books, more than 2 million people attended his seminars and another 10,000 (including myself) have attended his mastery university in Hawaii. His core products include Get The Edge – Unlimited Power – Date with Destiny – Mastery University and more.
Here are the top 10 lessons that I learned from Tony Robbins:
1) By altering your body’s physiology, you can achieve an immediate change of your emotional state. The mind will follow whatever state your phsyical body is in and not vice-versa.

2) Ask specific questions of yourself (in your self-talk) to direct and control…

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Step into the Light by MLK (Peace in France)


Motivation Monday – “No” is just a word



Inside the Agora – What is Valuable? Matthew 6:19-21


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Friendship Break up (BLW Contributor)


Accidental Blogger

Last week,  I was a part of a twitter chat on friendship and one of the last questions asked:

Q4 Have you ever had a friendship breakup?

Friendship breakups happen:

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Destroying Stereotypes of the African American Mother (BLW Contributor)



This is not information that’s not known about black women and mothers, but sometimes people need to be reminded on how great we are and what we have gone through and continue to face every day.  We are not perfect by any means, but the negative stereotypes that are attached to us needs to be dispelled and not used to form “uninformed” opinions about our sisters, aunts, and daughters who are mothers. – AcademicHustler1975

Black Families “Yet Holding On.”: The structure of black families changed from 1980 to 2000. Most noticeably the number of African American two-parent families decreased from 55 percent in 1982 to 48 percent in 2000. Moreover, African American female-headed families rose from 41 percent in 1982 to 44 percent in 2000. The percentage of African American male-headed families doubled, rising from 4 percent to 1982 to 8 percent in 2000.
Statistics reveal that the pressure continues…

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Viva La Video Store: why video stores are still relevant (part 1 of a 2-part series) (BLW Contribitor)


Toronto Film Files

I was perusing the shelves at Queen Video. That’s when I heard it. The phrase that made me cringe.

“I didn’t even know DVDs still existed!”

I clenched my jaw in exasperation. I discreetly craned my neck to glance behind me at the person who uttered such blasphemy. Of course it was a twenty-something man. My “peer” on paper, but hardly close.

You see, I know very well that DVDs exist.

I know it so well that I spend much of my time (and money) selecting just the right DVD when I crave a movie night. And when I crave a movie night, there is one place I always go: the video store.

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