Attitude is Everything – Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter The Physical World Around Us


Be Like Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan has given the world a good deal of evidence of the magic of positive thinking. He became famous when his water molecule experiments featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know? His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water. Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water, his discovery has far reaching implications… can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions?

The rice experiment is another famous Emoto demonstration of the power of negative thinking (and conversely, the power of positive thinking.) Dr Emoto placed portions of cooked rice into two containers. On one container he wrote “thank you” and on the other “you fool”. He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud…

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!!! Be Safe and have Fun – All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem)

This Is Happening

America Is Not For Black People


The United States of America is not for black people. We know this, and then we put it out of our minds, and then something happens to remind us. Saturday, in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo., something like that happened: An unarmed 18-year-old black man was executed by police in broad daylight.

By now, what’s happening in Ferguson is about so many second-order issues—systemic racism, the militarization of police work, and how citizens can redress grievances, among other things—that it’s worth remembering what actually happened here.

Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street in Ferguson’s Canfield Green apartment complex around noon on Saturday with his friend Dorin Johnson when the two were approached by a police officer in a police truck. The officer exchanged words with the boys. The officer attempted to get out of his car. At this point, two narratives split.

According to the still-unnamed officer, one of the two boys shoved him back into the vehicle and then wrestled for his sidearm, discharging one shot into the cabin. The two ran, and the police officer once again stepped from his vehicle and shot at the fleeing teenagers multiple times, killing Brown.

According to Johnson and other eye witnesses, however, the cop ordered the friends to “get the fuck on the sidewalk,” but the teenagers said they had almost reached their destination. That’s when the officer slammed his door open so hard that it bounced off of Brown and closed again. The cop then reached out and grabbed Brown by the neck, then by the shirt.

“I’m gonna shoot you,” the cop said.

The cop shot him once, but Brown pulled away, and the pair were still able to run away together. The officer fired again. Johnson ducked behind a car, but the cop’s second shot caused Brown to stop about 35 feet away from the cruiser, still within touching distance of Johnson. Multiple witnesses say this is when Brown raised his hands in the air to show he was unarmed. Johnson remembered that Brown also said, “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” The officer then shot him dead.

After that, the narratives dovetail again. Brown was left where he died, baking in the Missouri heat for hours, before he was removed by authorities. The officer was placed on paid administrative leave.

Credit: Greg Howard

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The Physics of Olympic Bodies (Science is Awesome)


The Olympics is able to capture the imaginations of countries around the world. Though sometimes due to, in no small part, how freaking buff these people are. Every historical trend in world record performances has been positive, meaning that we (a very subjective word) as Olympians have only been getting harder/better/faster/stronger every year! It boggles the mind to think that every year someone one-ups the past by just enough to progress the world record.

What I find even more fascinating though, is how each event in the Olympic event defines the physique of the athlete in question. Training so hard for one event that, for some, you only get one chance to make your mark, it makes sense that the muscles required for your sport will be, shall we say, enhanced… I don’t know if you’ve seen Olympic cyclist thighs (sort of NSFW), but HOLYGEEZUSWOAH that’s intense. Swimmers need to be tall, long-distance runners have a low BMI (body mass index), sprinters have jacked arms to balance out their jacked legs, and power-lifters are just jacked all over. In the end, it’s simply amazing what human beings can achieve with their physical bodies and minds to be living titans on Earth. 


Credit: Daily Infographic




Happy Motivation Monday!!! Heather Dorniden & Nelson Mandela (Perseverance)


Heather Dorniden was leading this 600 meter race with one lap to go when suddenly, she tripped and fell to last place.

Most people would have given up and accepted their misfortune. This wasn’t just any race – it was the finals of a college Championship against some of the best runners best in the nation. But Heather didn’t quit. What she did next shook the entire crowd, and you’re about to see why. If we simply accept everything life throws at us, we can never achieve any important goals. As an 8 time All-American, Heather is the most decorated runner in University of Minnesota history. Much of her success can be attributed not to talent, but to an unwillingness to quit even when the cards were stacked against her. 

“I have walked that long road to freedom.

I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way.

But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill,

one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.

I have taken a moment here to rest,

to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me,

to look back on the distance I have come.

But I can only rest for a moment,

for with freedom come responsibilities,

and I dare not linger,

for my long walk is not ended.” 

Be Like Bacon – Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power)



Crossfit & Philosophy!!! Memorial Weekend Style – Being a Patriot (Marcus Luttrell)


“Service is selflessness–the opposite of the lifestyle that we see so much of in America today.

The things that entertain us don’t often lift us up, or show us as the people we can rise up to become. 

These men of the special forces have had other optinos in their lives, other paths, easier paths they could have taken.

But they took the hardest path, that narrow causeway that is not for the sunshine patriot.

They took the one for the supreme patriot, the one that may require them to lay down their lives for the United States of America.

The one that is suitable only for those who want to serve their country so bad, nothing else matters.

I will never quit.

My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies.

If knocked down i will get back up, every time.

I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my enemies and to accomplish our mission.

I am never out of the fight.”

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  – (John 15:13)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Cultural Racism in Hip Hop *Warning (Explicit Language)



Written by Charles Postell Facebook

“House nigga” is a word that most black people would use when we thought that another black person was turning their back on their own people to the white establishment or completely have self-hatred for their own kind. In this day and age, in the year of 2014, in my opinion the house nigga has evolved into something much more complex. If you look at any race of people in the United States you will notice that the different races that have prosperity in this country have always had each other’s back as well as uplifting each other to great things. Black people in this country to some instances do look out for each other but for the most part we turn our backs on one other. We don’t know how to work together to build each other up, thus we don’t own to many big corporations or big business fully employed by our own kind. African American’s that do manage to own big corporations tend to sell all the way out and they completely let the white establishment take complete control of their business. They put white people in charge of hiring to which they are going to hire only who they are comfortable with which is other more people.


While living in Los Angeles I have experience more hatred from blacks that seem as though they completely didn’t like black people, but when they get around their white friends they are all hugs and smiles. I believe to them they feel as though success is white and evil his black, they have been brain washed. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to an event in Los Angeles with white friends of mine and the black security guards would be all smiles and giggles with my white friends but as soon as I walked up they would give me a mean face as if to say, “Don’t start no trouble in here nigga.”  I would always just shake my head and laugh to myself at their House Nigger mentality and ignorance. You let this club owner brainwash you into thinking that I’m the threat to their establishment because I’m a black man? I’ve been to all kinds of clubs and just like we fight in clubs and bars over bullshit white people do as well.


I remember talking to a former black bouncer and he told me that he was not allowed to let but so many black people into the club because they didn’t want the club to known as an “Urban Night club” and urban nightclubs have a short shelf life. I asked him “well did you tell that fool to kiss your black ass?” He said no because the dude was paying him a lot of money. I thought to myself you would rather sale your dignity for a couple of dollars then to just walk away. This guy just told you he doesn’t want your kind in his club but you’re cool because you work for me. I guess this brother thought he was special. Like Most black people that are the only black person at an all-white company, instead of working to get more of our kind into the company like other races would, we think that we’re special because we‘re the only black person that works in the company and will do anything to keep others out, that is the practice of the typical House Nigga epidemic that runs rapid through most black folks veins.



2PAC, KRS ONE, DEAD PRES, LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL, COMMON, OUTKAST, EIGHTBALL & MJG, ICE CUBE, WC, JAY Z, and BIGGIE shit even Eminem. These are the people I would listen to growing up as a kid in the late eighties and nineties. They talked about so many things from street crimes to giving me hope that I to can hit it big one day and get my mom out the hood. They didn’t sell out, they kept it real, and they took pride in being black and didn’t compromise themselves for money or popularity gain.


They all had their own style and didn’t try to be a carbon copy of one another just to sale more records. Now a days, rappers have just gave up being themselves and are completely selling the fuck out just to get a short three sixty deal. The lyrics aren’t saying anything positive accept for talking about buying a lot of useless high priced shit to gloat in front of other poor Negros faces who are just trying to make ends meet or if not that letting you know how many crimes they’ve done. Every rapper sounds like the next wearing the most outlandish shit in their videos. You even have these house nigga rappers wearing dresses saying that its street fashion. I’m not falling for it, that is why most of these rappers come out with one album and then you don’t see them anymore. The reason why is because these white owned record companies don’t see any value in these house Negros. They make a ton of quick dough, the black rappers gets fucked over and then kicked out of his quick contract and you get to listen to a bunch of ignorant bullshit to pollute your brain, all in all its a win, win for another white owned company.


Most or if not all of these rappers now a days lack compassion, compassion for their people, compassion for their music (cause if they did they wouldn’t release most of the bullshit they put out to the masses now a days) and compassion for themselves, and once you do that, you truly are a new wave house nigger.

“They want us to hate ourselves and love they wealth” wake up house niggas.


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120 Days of Crossfit: Change is Good- Lost 25 Pounds (My Journal)


change 2

Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandi

These past four months of Crossfit have been great and I have learned a lot about myself. One of things I learned was to listen to my own body because I got sick last month but know I know now when to cut back when I’m not feeling well. Crossfit is a lifestyle and routines are a part of a successful life but I’ve grown kinda stale of the routines and the WODs. I’ve been going hard from Monday to Friday not missing a work out but I think I’m starting to plateau. I’ve read several studies that it happens in a training routine where your body gets used to the workouts and you stop gaining any positive gains. So, I decided to change up my workout routines but keep the basic Crossfit workouts.


30 Days of Crossfit: Enjoy the Process or Just Enjoy Sucking ALOT

60 Days of Crossfit & a Marathon


Part of the change up was to workout at night, then workout in the daytime, which I would alternate every two days. I’ve also added roadwork, running before Crossfit and do a little hill work every other day.

I’m also playing other sports to supplement my work out program like basketball, racquetball and jujitsu in order to keep things fresh for me. Also, it keeps my body adjusting and not plateauing, so I can still get those positive gains.


One of the best workout changes I’ve made was to add swimming to my cross training. I haven’t gone swimming since last summer so I wasn’t that good and my form was horrible.


But it’s the Crossfitter in me that loves the challenge. The first time in the pool, I got so tired in a matter of minutes because it’s such a total body workout. I love not being good at something because it makes me want to try hard to be better at it. I’ve added swimming two times a week in between my Crossfit workouts. My cardio hasn’t been this good since college because of Crossfit and swimming.

It was such a great idea to change up my workout routine because I don’t have the feeling of boredom and my body will keep progressing. I’ve lost 25 pounds because of Crossfit, my Paleo Diet and changing my workout routine. Crossfit is a lifestyle but sometimes you gotta change shit up because just like in life not everything is going to go according to plan, so you have to be prepared for everything. This is what Crossfit is, it makes you into a better person physically and mentally while making you prepared for everything in life.

“Amat Victoria Curam” translation “Victory Loves Preparation”


Be Like Bacon – Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power)


He can punch you in the Future… #Congrats Jon “Bones” Jones