Cheesy Potato Bread Rolls Recipe


The Heathen Homesteader

I love potatoes. When people say “bread is life” I think: “right after potatoes.” When combining the two I feel as if I am creating pure joy. In this blog post I’m sharing one of my versions of potato bread but I’m making it into rolls then adding a bit of cheese to the mix. Because cheese too is life. Unless you’re lactose intolerant and also gluten intolerant. Then maybe not.

I was very surprised I had not posted a blog about potato bread yet as I make it fairly often. Growing up one of my favorite sandwich breads from the regular grocery store was (is) potato. Homemade potato bread isn’t quite the same unless perhaps you are using potato flakes (instant mashed potatoes) or spend time breaking down potatoes into a thin liquidy purée. Even then the texture is different. I like my potato bread with some small clumps…

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How Insufficient Sleep Can Harm Your Child


Image result for maggie simpson crying

Sleep plays an extremely important role in our health, yet it seems to be one of the first things we forego when we’re short on time. For children, this habit can prove to be harmful later in life. A new study by the pediatricians at Massachusetts General Hospital shows that insufficient sleep in early childhood can lead to cognitive and behavioral problems in later years.

The study monitored the sleep habits of 1,046 children and their consequent behaviors. The families of these children were interviewed when the children were ages 6 months, 3 years and 7 years old, and completed questionnaires at ages 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 years old. The mothers were also sent survey instruments to evaluate each child’s executive function and behavioral issues, including emotional responses and social problems.

The findings support the importance of encouraging your children to get a good and sufficient night’s sleep…

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – A forgettable experience

Treeman and the Gang

The first teaser trailer for the new Star Wars trailer is out and the Internet went totally wild about it. People coming up with praise for the trailer and enourmous speculation about what Skywalkers “it is time for the Jedi…to end” all means. Plenty of theories has already been written and talked about though most sensible people will probably recognize that he means that it is time for the old Jedi Order to end. So let’s just trash the whole “Skywalker is evil” or “Skywalker is Snoke, so he dresses up like an overgrown zombie-alien when he communicates with the First Order in front of a holo-camera.”
Let’s get it out: Yes, the new teaser trailer was pretty good because it sparked interest but it was also incredible forgettable. I had totally forgot it the day after its release because it shows us nothing execpt what we already would expect…

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[Review] The Fate of the Furious – Running out of ideas…WTF


True Reviews Now

Director:  F. Gary Gray

Cast:  Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne JohnsonMichelle RodriguezCharlize Theron

Our Rating



Fast & Furious franchise has minted money for anyone who has been associated with it for the last 17 years and truly it has been a roller coaster ride. With the unfortunate death of Paul Walker, it seemed like the franchise was in dwindles but introduction of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock actually saved the day. Coming over now, with the eighth installment of the franchise, it seems to be closer to calling it a day. I originally gave it a 2 star but then the action was pretty good so it earned another one star for itself.


The story, as we have already seen and now pretty much know through other reviews and spoilers online, is about “Family”. Seriously, Vin Diesel has overused this word so much…

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Top News from Mar. 25th- Socks on Cocks Plus more


– Men Are Putting Their Penises In Socks On Instagram For Cancer Awareness- (This is just a regular Tuesday for me #SockTuesday) 


– Chris Evans Quits Acting to Focus on Directing – I would follow Captain America anywhere, plus I thought I saw Chris from the pictures ABOVE


– The Tiger that injured Roy from Siegfried & Roy, died today. – Too bad the Tiger didn’t get the opportunity to get both of them… 😦


– Gwyneth Paltrow separates from Chris Martin- (Been Seperated for a Year)- I respect Coldplay more now….


– Facebook buys Oculus VR, A virtual reality gaming company for $2 Billion- Bye bye girlfriends… Virtual Sex!

01 02

– BitCoins taxed by the IRS- BitCoins are property, not currency, says IRS regarding Taxes.

What are BitCoins? Bitcoins can be used to buy merchandise anonymously. In addition, international payments are easy and cheap because bitcoins are not tied to any country or subject to regulation. Small businesses may like them because there are no credit card fees. Some people just buy bitcoins as an investment, hoping that they’ll go up in value.


– Walgreens to close 76 stores in August- The rich get richer and the poor get poorer


– Maker of Candy Crush Saga to raise $500m on the stock marker, worth $7.6B- I never played the game and I hate getting requested to play on it but good for them, The rich get richer and the poor get poorer


– Nick Cannon White Face faces backlash from the Public- I sorta respect Nick for doing something bold, I always thought he played it safe in the comedy world.


– Speed to Blame for Paul Walker’s death- Not from the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock actual speed.

03 04

– Naomi Campbell Laughs at Kimye’s Vogue Cover- Let’s have a toast to the Douchebags!!!


Dwayne Johnson as Hercules- You know you’re going to watch it!


The Year that was 2013

Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz


2014 is HERE!!! We are all excited for what the brand new year has in store for all of us. But we can’t forget the people or events that made 2013 an exciting and memorable year. Here is a list of People/Events in no particular order that made 2013 the Year of the Risk Takers.

Paul Walker 1973-2013


Walker may have been the epitome of a “Risk Taker.” Everyone loved the man, ladies and men. He lived the way he wanted to live. “If you’re not close to the edge then you’re taking up too much room.” Check out our article on Paul Walker’s Top Films

 Ed Lauter 1939- 2013


Known for all his character roles in The Artist, The Longest Yard, Cujo, etc. His career spanned over 40 years. I just remember how cool and funny he was every time I spoke to him. He was a humble, hardworking guy from New York. I’ll miss you Ed.

The Red WeddingGames of Thrones R.I.P (Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Robb’s pregnant chick)


Why did Robb not think it was a trap, I’m mean his name was “Roose” Bolton!!! I couldn’t do anything the following day after the Red Wedding episode, it was that bad. Fuck you George Martin!

Walter White/HeisenbergBreaking Bad


Damn. I hate that Heisenberg had to die but I like how he did it on his own terms. Mr. White was a Chemist, a teacher, a drug lord, and a father.  Check out my article on Breaking Bad & Arcade Fire. We’ll miss you W.W.

Save The Last Dance–  Ray Lewis @ Super Bowl XLVII

BS BS sp-p6-colts-ravens-sweeney

Super Bowl XLVII between with the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. It was great to see Ray Lewis’s last game, winning the Super Bowl but it was even greater to see Lewis his last pre-game dance.

The People of Boston, Boston Marathon and Boston Red Sox


I’m not a fan of the Boston Red Sox but after the Boston Marathon bombings, I’m glad that the people of Boston had something to celebrate.

 Sopranos–   James Gandolfini (1961- 2013) 


The man was meant to play Tony Sopranos. He gave great joy and happiness to many people. Rest in peace James.

The Birth of Rich Kids 

Kate Middleton & Prince William/  Kanye West & Kim Kardashian   (Fuck, I feel Poor)

duchess-cambridge2_glamour_20aug13_PA_b_1080x720                   398488-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-and-their-baby-north

Rick Grimes Prison Camp–  The Walking Dead


We will miss all the good people from the Rick Grimes crew like Andrea, Hershel and Baby Grimes. Thank Satan that the only Asian guy in the Post Apocalyptic World is still alive.


Burn in Hell Brian aka The Governor.

The Shut Down– US Government


Can we really call ourselves the greatest country in the world when we can’t figure out if we want healthcare or not. I know I want affordable healthcare because I get drunk a lot and I need to get my stomach pumped consistently. We are STILL the Greatest country in the world because we make Mighty Chicken Wings.


Brian Dies/ Then Brian comes back- Family Guy


To be honest I was starting to like the Italian version of Brian.

 Lebron Gets Closer to Jordan- But not quite there yet…(Kobe 😦 )


Lebron James gets his second NBA ring over the win over the Indiana Pacers and gets a little closer to the Great One.

The Knockout/ The Broken Leg–  Anderson Silva & Chris Weidman


2013 was not a great year for the Spider. First, he got knocked out by Chris Weidman to lose his Middleweight Championship by clowning around. For the rematch he broke his leg when Weidman leg checked his kick. If you didn’t see this fight, it was the most brutal and painful injury I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of fights. Defense can be your best offense. Anderson Silva is on the best fighters we have ever seen the Octagon but I think it’s time to hang up those yellow trunks.

The FightStill no Floyd & Manny Fight


In 2013, Floyd easily won two of his fights against undermatched opponents of the likes of Robert Guerrero and Saul Alvarez going 45-0. Mean while Manny was coming off his most devasting fight of his career where he got knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez. He dropped a weight class and easily won his fight against Brandon Rios.

2014 still might be the year when we all finally see “The Fight” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be. -Bruce Springsteen

How to be a douchebag? Top Ten Douchebags of All TIME


Gonzo’ Corner Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz & Doc G

The word douchebag is one of the great words in the English vernacular. It says so much in just two syllables. Douchebag started out as an actual product but has morphed into a whole of meaning. It’s a label that tells you everything you need to know right at the away. You don’t refer to someone as a douchebag and ever have anyone ask what that means, everyone knows all they need to know.

Urban Dictionary says a douchebag is someone who has surpassed levels of jerk and asshole but is not yet a motherfucker.  It’s a brilliant way to describe a douchebag, because most douchebags are harmless creatures who exist only to annoy and frustrate. Of course many douchebags become more than just mosquitoes, their bites start to hurt, and over time a douchebag can evolve into something much worse.

One of these reasons why we decided to do this article on douchbags is because I saw a photo of Tyrese crying like baby on the spot where Paul Walker was recently killed. I totally understand you feel sad and heartbroken that your friend is dead but don’t ham it up in front of the cameras. It started to become a story about how Tyrese felt so sad about Walker. When I saw that, my immediate response was, “what a douche!” But not in a negative way but rather like this guy is willing to do anything get any press for himself.


This is one of the many qualities that a douchebag has, and here are other examples on how to be a douchebag?:

– You do annoying Selfies  usually with your shirt off

– You pretend that your a Pimp surrounding yourself with a lot of fake ass bitches

– You Flash your Wealth as much as you can (Money, cars, houses, boats, etc.)

– Your a Media Whore aka Tyrese- You need be in the Public Eye constantly

– Your a Social Media Whore- You need to constantly need to post or write something on your Social Media Network

– You have a fake tan

– You have a barb wire tattoo

– You have a tattoo of your name on your body (Just in case you forget)

– You still wear Ed Hardy gear

– You consistently talk about how much you love your life and how much money you make?

– Acting or dressing like a rock star

– Your motto is Ho’s before Bro’s

– If your Chris Angel

– Popped Collars

– Dudes who have fake balls on their trucks

– Wearing a Visor (Half hats)

– Too much hair gel or Frosted Tips

– Weird Piercings ( Nipple, Navel, Eyebrows, Penis Piercings are Cool)




 Look the name up, go ahead, take a few moments, because I’m sure the name isn’t familiar to most, but the actions he took a century ago have managed to affect us every day. Sykes wasn’t a Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, in fact he never held any elected posts. No he was just a lonely Foreign Service worker who at the end of World War 1 help decide which countries would be ruled by which kings in the Middle East. In one fell swoop he managed to create Arab hostility over the interference if western hands in their affairs, piss off Jewish dreams of a homeland, and lay the seed for conflict that still continues. He created Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and all the other wonderful countries that have oil underneath their sand. Sykes is such a douche he is forgotten by history and yet his work remains.



Pontus Pilate decided he was going to release one of his prisoner. One condemned soul would be freed to live his life. Barabbas was the douchebag that was chosen instead of Jesus. Of course if Jesus doesn’t get crucified and do his whole first I’m dead now I’m not trick, Jesus doesn’t get to spread his message. Jesus was only 33, he could have been spared, spent the next 10 years preaching his hippy shit of love and peace and then been crucified so he could do his trick, but instead Barabbas got to go free. How did he spend his later years, the same way he spent his first, doing nothing, way to live up to your freedom.



This is hard one to pick because Vinny did go to the U (University of Miami), but he also gave me my biggest gambling lose ever.  He was leading the Jets to another awful season and finish with a last season game against Seattle. I was battling for last place in my football pool, a lot of money was on the line for whoever was lucky to finish dead last. It came down to the Jets, the team I bet, hoping they would actually lose, and that lost would win me money. It wasn’t really a hope, the Jets had played like shit since 1970 so I was feeling good, until at the end of the game Vinny leads the team down and dives for the winning touchdown. Besides the fact that he actually never made the endzone, Vinny never ran for tds, until the day I needed him to lose. Douche



This doesn’t need to be explained.



Technically Stalin is more of an asshole monster, but for all his mass genocides and indiscriminate destruction, beneath it all was a true douchebag. The type of guy who fucks up, but instead of accepting the blame kills a million people including the people who helped him fuck up then proceeds to blame those people for the fuck up. He also sent most of his family off to Siberia in exile, but for all of Stalins shit, he never cost me money, like Vinny T.



 LBJ sends this little rat to Paris in 67 to try and make peace with Vietnam. He is part of a team that irons out all the plans and gets ready to end the war in 1968. Kissinger then tells Nixon about this, Nixon gets in touch with the South Vietnamese tells them hold out for a better deal and when I am elected I will get you it. Kissinger doesn’t tell LBJ he is sinking the plan, but soon the peace talks end, Nixon gets elected, and Kissinger becomes he loyal man bitch. The war in Vietnam continues, war comes to Laos, Cambodia and finally Chile. 5 years later Kissinger wins a Nobel prize for bringing about peace in Vietnam, of course he negotiated the exact same plan as before, except now the war has gone on 5 more years and cost more lives.



Lincoln wins the Civil War, frees the slaves and dies at a fucking musical. Booth took away the person who could have truly changed society, douchebag.



Speaking of people who took away great people from the world. How can you shoot John Fucking Lennon, seriously I don’t care how crazy you are, or how many times you read Catcher In The Rye, it’s still Lennon. Plus like the great Bill Hicks said and then had stolen when he was dead by Dennis Leary, how can you put 7 bullets into Lennon and use none for Yoko Ono who was standing next to him? Also why not shoot Michael Jackson? Christ if MJ dies in the 80s before he molests kids his death is truly sad, so thanks Douchebag.



 I’m sorry only a douchebag beats the shit out of Rhianna like that.  Only a douchebag does that and shows no remorse. Only a douchebag like this would be viewed by some as a hero. Chris Brown is Ike Turner on a bad dad, least Ike played a mean guitar.



In the coming years Donald’s douchebag rating will only rise, as people get more time to look back and see how this man truly fucked up this world. He is Mark Sykes with an army, Stalin without the cunningness, and a Kissinger without the accent. Years from now people will read about the history of W Presidency and will paint Dick Cheney as the Darth Vader, Bush as the asshole and Rummy as the douchebag who planned a way but never thought to think about the peace. Great job taking over a country who had fought against Iran for decades and quickly turning it into Iran’s biggest friend. Good job expanding terrorism throughout the world and bringing jihad to every corner of this place. Good job letting hundreds of thousands die.









“Let’s give a toast to the douchebags!”

Living Life to the Fullest-Top Five Paul Walker Films

GONZO’S Corner-  Written by Ryan Fu @fu_beatz & Doc G

Ryan Fu

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

This is a quote from Mark Twain, who asks the question, “Are you ready to die.” Early this Saturday, we lost someone gifted and special, Paul Walker. Ironically, Mr. Walker, 40, was killed in a car crash in Southern California. As a paparazzi, I’ve papped him only a couple of times, but he was always courteous and respectful. On screen he was bigger than life, but off screen was just like one of the guys. Unlike many other celebrities who act like they are above from everything and everyone, Mr. Walker was as down to Earth as a movie star can possibly be and he didn’t have to be. This was Paul’s way, thus this is why women loved him and men wanted to be like him. Paul Walker lived the way he wanted to live and maybe it was too fast and too furious but if you’re not living on the edge, then you’re taking up too much room. Which brings me back to the question? If today was your last day, would you be proud of your life? If not, it’s time to get in fucking car and get in the fast line. Here is my Top Five Paul Walker’s films:

 Number 5

Varsity Blues (Lance Harbor)


This movie put Paul Walker on the map. You believed and felt sad about a young man’s plight, who got pushed aside after he got injured, to see the dude from Dawson’s Creek take your job. Also, Jon Voight as a racist and abusive coach is worth a watch.

Number 4 

The Skulls (Caleb Mandrake)


Paul Walker shirtless and a secret society.   I’m in.    Also, another dude from Dawson’s Creek trying to steal the thunder of Walker.

Number 3

Into the Blue  (Jared)


Paul Walker shirtless again, yes please! Plot of movie, please refer to the picture above. Also, bitter beer-face Jessica Alba is in a swimsuit the whole movie, not bad.

Number 2 

Eight Below (Jerry Shepard)


Huskies and Paul Walker? Too Cute! Not a bad movie was well.

Number 1

The Fast and the Furious ( Brain O’Conner)


If Varisty Blues put Walker on the map, then this movie put him in outer space.  On paper and even in the trailor it could have been another corny racing movie, but it wasn’t it. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s chemistry was dynamic and charismatic. Showing his acting range in the movie, Walker played the part beautifully as Brian O’Conner, an undercover FBI agent who has to deal with choices of what is right and wrong and what’s more important to you.

Doc G

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

 When people ask why I don’t believe in God I usually like to show them all the evil this world has produced or the things that are wrong and totally fucked up in this world. Things like the holocaust, genocide in Africa, and children born with disabilities, if there is a God none of these things should exist. I don’t care if God is testing you, or that you are being punished by karma for things you did in a past life. Children born retarded have no clue what they did wrong, they just are.
I will now do a triple backflip of a transition and say god doesn’t exist cause he fucking let Paul Walker die and somehow managed to spare Vin Diesel, I kid because the proof that God doesn’t exist is the fact that Vin Diesel is a movie star in the first place.
Paul Walker was, from all accounts a good guy. He always was smiling, giving, the few times our paths crossed he was cool. He didn’t have the talent of some actors, nor the resume of others, but he had a good career and died during a charity event. If there truly was a god, do we think he would take Paul during a freaking charity event for the Philippine disaster, which in itself is evidence of an atheist world. The funny part is people trying to show their intelligence and use the word ironic to describe his death, but no one understands the true definition of irony. They all are using the Alanis Morissette version of ironic and thus isn’t it ironic Paul died in car crash, don’t you think? True irony would be if he was walking down the street and was killed by being run over by speeding cars, that’s ironic, don’t you think?
Paul’s best movies, not roles.
The fucked up thing about this movie is that anytime I see that it is on television I have to check to make sure it isn’t the dreadful Running Scared from the 80’s starring the dynamic duo of Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines. Nothing like a dancer and comic teaming up for crime movie in Chicago. Sadly most times I see this title it is the Billy and Greg movie not vastly superior Paul Walker film. What’s ironic is that more people will buy or start to watch Running Scared this week then ever saw it before and they will be greeted by Billy Crystal’s face.
When Clint Eastwood calls you answer, unless he is asking to speak at your political convention and has a great idea about using a chair. Paul made this film before Clint spoke to an empty chair, when Clint still had his mind firing on all cylinders. A brutal story about the capture of Iwo Jima, it is Paul’s only war movie. Another reason God doesn’t exist, someone let Vin Diesel star in a Steven Spielberg war movie.
I love a good robbery movie and it is a testament to how enjoyable this film must have been that even with the human shit of a man Chris Brown and the acting vacuum that is Hayden Christiensen starring this film cracks the top 5. Evidence 322 that God does not exist, Chris Brown’s career. If there was a God do we really think he’d let a woman beater scumbag like Chris have millions of dollars?
Friday Night Lights before the movie and tv show, with a chick wearing only a whip cream bikini, wait what was I talking about? Right Paul Walker, he was in this? Truthfully I only remember Dawson, Jon Voight, and the bikini girl, who won the last game in this movie?
Seriously the 6th one is the shit. The Rock, Paul Walker and even some guy named Vin Diesel.

R.I.P Paul Walker (1973- 2013)