How to Love being SINGLE (BLW Contributor)



I couldn’t decide between “how to be single,” “how to love being single,” “how to enjoy being single,” and “loving the single life;” so I chose any topic😂 I’ve seen people talk about being single and all that; but I never contributed. As someone who has been single since like forever😂 and who enjoys being single, I have a little experience, or so I think. I just try to avoid drama😅 This isn’t a serious topic, but these are my crazy tips on how to enjoy being single. You might laugh, a lot, but technically, that’s the whole point of being single 😅

1. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself before getting into a relationship and after getting out of a relationship, you’ll always belittle yourself and see yourself as useless. The first thing is to love yourself. Always!

2. Avoid…

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A peek through my lens (BLW Contributor)


My Random Musings

It has been a month since I got to Sri Lanka and I hardly got my camera out. I decided it was time to charge the battery and head out and capture some images. Today (Sunday) is Thai Pongal,  the harvest festival celebrated by the Tamil Hindu’s as aThank you to the Sun God for agriculture abundance.

It seemed like a good day to grab my camera and head out to the Hindu Temple, where most come dressed in colorful attires to celebrate this festival. So here are some pictures I captured during this festival.



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Weekend Inspiration – Barack Obama



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Rejection: The inescapable fate (BLW Contributor)


Peace Love & Media

My mother always warned that I would not have everything I want in life. Love would hurt, jobs would overlook my qualifications and friends are not necessarily permanent fixtures. This painful truth made regular appearances as often as the next day. However, my mother warnings helped me build a shield of protection from hurt feelings.


Rejection was a part of life and, essentially, inescapable. There is no on and off switch to soothe the pain of rejection. When we consider the act of creating expectations, the sting of rejection can last even longer because of unfulfilled visions.  However, it’s a detrimental process we must consider to even progress through life.

I recently viewed a video where motivational speaker Simon Sinek discussed work issues with millennials. According to Sinek, there is a disconnect that exist between older individuals and millennials. Sinek stated that we, millennials, tend to expect life to…

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Dream On (BLW Contributor)


I am a dreamer.  I dream about a lot of things.  And I have had some important dreams fulfilled. But not I’m not just a dreamer.  I believe that dreams come true when we work  hard, live right, and speak positively.  I may not always live right, but I try!  And most of the times when I mess up it mostly has to do with my mouth and my attitudes.  I believe we have to put legs on our dreams.

So many times we kill our dreams with our mouths.  Instead of speaking positively about what we want to happen, we speak negatively.  “That will never happen!”  or “I can’t do that!”  We have to see what we want to happen and speak what we want to happen.  Now I’m not saying that just because we speak it, it will happen.  Not at all!  We have to work at it.  And…

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Here’s to a Hopeful, Happy New Year

Thoughts from a Black Girl's Diary



With 2016 at an end and 2017 beginning, I have to say a big THANK YOU to those who have helped me to moveonto bigger, brighter and better things.

These people have been my close family and friends. They’ve been immovable in their love, loyalty and unyielding belief in me.

But I’d also like to say THANK YOU to the ad hominem group of people who have helped me to realise I have been more enriched in my experiences this year since I am free of their toxicity, more confident in my abilities and stronger too with a drive that has given me some huge successes in areas I never dreamt were possible.

For those of you who think you’ve not come across an ad hominem; you more than likely have. These are people who try to attack your character, with malicious, false and defamatory statements, slander and lies.

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Life Lessons Part 1: Life is Short (BLW Contributor)


I don’t know about you, but for me 2016 has been one of the coldest, cruelest most depressing years in the history of ever. Like I don’t even know how to begin expressing my disdain except by saying I’m glad the year is drawing to a close and I hope that 2017 is a lot brighter. For so many reasons this year has been hard for me and difficult to face. But one of the many reasons this year has been cruel is death. I’ve lost 3 people this year that I held quite dear and I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with any of it to be honest, but I guess that’s a part of life too and we have to learn to deal with the unknowns and unexpected and cope with them. It’s quite baffling- this thing called life really. That one minute you could…

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Life With Boys (BLW Contributor)


Wrapped In Chaos

Remember in grade school when us girls used to think boys were weird, gross or had cooties? Well..after having 2 boys, I can say that they are an interesting breed. They ARE weird and sometimes gross!

There are things/traits I have come to learn and never would have known until now. Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned about boys under 5 yrs old:

1. Boys like to stick things up their nose or in their ears. Why? I have no clue. See exhibit A.

2. Boys are really messy! My house gets messier faster than I can clean it. I swear a tornado blows through my house every day.

3. Boys are whiny and cry babies..more than little girls. Seriously. My daughter was needy when she was little, but never an emotional wreck like my two boys.
4. Boys are very hands-on and like to touch EVERYTHING…

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There’s Nothin’ To It, But To Do It! (BLW Contributor)



The importance of planning, preparing, and developing guidelines in order to reach a goal should never be underestimated. If we want to achieve success and accomplish the unimaginable, we must have cohesive ideas and plans to reach our dreams.

This step, in the effort to achieve greatness, is the preliminary procedure that requires effort and time. No expeditionary leader went on any journey without first learning, and preparing for the adventure at hand. Every trailblazer of the west, conquistador of Europe, or explorer of ancient times had a plan. They learned of what their journey was going to consist of, they planned for it, and they executed the plan.

The greatest resemblance of all high-achievers is that they all took action. This is something we often have trouble doing. Taking the first step forward.

We can plan, prepare, research, and lay out the blueprints for as long as necessary, but it is important for us to know when we’re done with the…

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Motivation Monday – Keep Moving Foward