Not Climate Agreement, But Climate Revolt (The Paris Accords)


“The withdrawal by the United States, the nation with the second highest carbon output in the world (behind China, whose per-capita emissions are less than half those of the US), seems deeply catastrophic.

It is catastrophic, yes. But not for the reasons we might think.”

Environmental and political analysis, from Rhyd Wildermuth

“Philosophers of freedom were mainly, and understandably, concerned with how humans would escape the injustice, oppression, inequality, or even uniformity foisted on them by other humans or human-made systems. Geological time and the chronology of human histories remained unrelated. This distance between the two calendars, as we have seen, is what climate scientists now claim has collapsed….

The mansion of modern freedoms stands on an ever-expanding base of fossil-fuel use.”

Dipesh Chakrabarty, The Climate of History

The world awoke to the news on Thursday that President Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the…

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Happy Greenpeace Day!!! – What are you doing to help the environment?

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Married vs You’re the Worst – Season 1/ Episode 3 (Giving & Taking)

MARRIED -- Key Art. CR: FX



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Listen, I’m not the guy to give relationship advice from because I was a lazy boyfriend but I do remember one of my criticism from girlfriends I’ve dated was that a relationship is all about giving and taking. Apparently, I was doing most of the taking and not much of the giving. Another criticism of mine was I wasn’t trustworthy especially around their hotter girlfriends. This week’s episodes of Marriage and You’re the Worst deals about all the shit I just talked about above and anal play. (You know you like it!)

The Men


Russ’s wife decides it is better for them if he gets a vasectomy because she doesn’t want any kids anymore but Russ still wants to have sex with her, so he was willing to go Lord Varys aka The Spider! Russ is starting to show that he is a good guy but he’s not that smart but at least he loves his wife.

You’re the Worst

Jimmy shows that he is defiantly a commitment-phobe when Gretchen asks for a key to his apartment in which he gets all weird about then snoops on her phone after she left it at his pad. Jimmy is still not sure what he is doing in this relationship but at least he is showing signs that he is willing to give it a chance with Gretchen by giving her the key to his apartment.

The Women


Lina is super excited that Russ is cutting off his boys in order she can’t make anymore demons anymore. She treats Russ to “hotel sex” in which they finally bone and get some satisfaction!


Gretchen really wants a key to Jimmy’s pad because she feels like they’re getting closer. She even gives him a pass when she finds out that he was trying to snoop on her phone. At her birthday party she finally feels comfortable with her relationship with Jimmy telling her friends including Jimmy’s ex that she is “banging” Jimmy.

Dating For Dummies

The Sex


Blow Job, Missonary, Doggie Style. Anal Play. Very Satisfied.


Shower head anal play. One Blow Job. No intercourse but kinda still satisfied.


Once again, the friends on Married are so much cooler than the You’re the Worst buds. Especially, when we figure out that the other Married couple, Jess ’s husband is the great Paul Reiser from Mad About You. They get into a heated sexting situation with another married couple, which was fucking hilarious.

The Problem


I think they finally resolved one of their problems by getting a vasectomy because they don’t have to worry about having another child.


Jimmy and Gretchen are just going through what all new couples go through, trying to figure out if they can trust each other. It is definitely harder when both of them don’t believe in relationships but I got a feeling if they keep being honest to themselves and each other they might have a better shot in being a couple than other people who are honest to one another.

Three episodes in with Married and YTW, I’m still pleasantly surprised about how both shows are still great things to watch on television. I hope they continue to create fascinating and intriguing shows for all us to talk about the following day. Also, if I ever decide to be in a relationship again I will try to be a better boyfriend by giving more and trusting more. But these are just words, in which actions speak louder. Right now as it stands, I’m still as my ex’s would put it, “The Worst!”

Fu’s Observations:

  • Don’t you just hate it when one of your friends tell you they’re on a juice cleanse. It’s like who gives a fuck? Why don’t you be a normal person and just not eat 😉
  • Paul Reiser was amazing on Married but Brandon Smith is starting be really good on YTW as he challenges the ideas on getting blowjobs from gay men but still being heterosexual.
  • Also, you must watch Brandon Smith on Get On Up as he plays a great Little Richard.
  • I’m starting to feel weird about Jimmy’s ex husband. Why is he so nice and trying to be buds with Jimmy?
  • “Hotel Sex” is the best because you don’t have to clean up afterwards, in which you can be loud and rude.
  • I remember I would leave my cellphone at my girlfriends pad on purpose so she would freak out about all the text messages. I’m the worst.


People are Hell


Married Vs You’re the Worst – Season 1/ Episode 2 (Awkwardness)





Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

What constitutes a relationship? Is it a piece of legal document that recognizes you and other person are in a business/relationship or is it a unspoken feeling you have towards another human being? At one point do you realize this is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life or just for a couple of weeks? These are the just a couple of questions people who are married or single have to ask themselves every single time they are in a relationship. In this 2nd episodes of Married and You’re the Worst tries to answer these questions about what it means to be in a relationship?

The Men


Russ is feeling the pressure of another thing (new puppy) getting in the way of spending more time with his wife. After realizing the expensive cost of treating his new puppy he asks his newly single friend for money, which he does but he has to hang out with him at his former wife’s engagement party. His friend doesn’t even go to the party taking Russ back to his old house, reminiscing about his old life with his family with some hired hookers. Russ realizes that he and his wife need to take some time away from their own lives and spend quality time just by themselves.

You’re the Worst

Jimmy realizes he might lose whatever he has with Gretchen after his rude remarks about her period, which was pretty funny at the time. But Jimmy feels he needs to get out of his comfort zone taking Gretchen out to a fancy restaurant but that backfires on him when his ex shows up with her new husband, leading Gretchen to ditch Jimmy quickly. Jimmy finally finds her in a creepy alley drinking by herself, finding out from her it was all a misunderstanding, she wasn’t offended by his remarks about her period. Jimmy totally looks like he has no idea what he is doing but it might be a good thing for him because it looked like he was in a rut before Gretchen plus how bad can it possibly get? Oh, right. He might fall in love, if he isn’t already.

The Women


Lina is just exhausted of taking care of everyone in her family including her new puppy. But at least she gets to unwind with Russ’s BFF drinking and dancing with younger men. I feel she needs the vacation more than her husband.


Gretchen is taken a back that Jimmy wants to spend more time with her especially his remarks about her period because she is not the “relationship type” at all. As we saw in the first episode she tells Jimmy, “that this shit scares her,” which she had to tell Jimmy again this episode but reassures him that everything is cool and she knew what she got herself into with Jimmy. I feel like she’s not ready at all be in a relationship but it’s cool that you can find someone who also feels the same way.

The Sex


Sex-less shower scene. Two hookers kiss. Mad Frustrated.


Masturbation, which lead to “blue balls.” Def. Mad Frustrated.


No comparison, the friends on Married are so much cooler than You’re the Worst buds. They do blow and hire hookers out of the blue, Winner Circle.

The Problem


Money, the mortgage, the kids and the rest of the problems that go with a marriage. You’re not in a relationship with one person anymore, so have to worry about other people, which leads to more responsibilities and more stress. Sure, a quick getaway might relieve the problem for a week or two but you still have to deal with it when you come back.


Just realizing if you’re in a relationship or not is the biggest problem I can tell when you’re a single person. It’s hard to act one way when you don’t know what you mean to the other person. If you both parties agree on what they want this “so-called relationship,” it might be more beneficial to both parties. But simple put it’s not easier when you’re single dealing with relationships.

A great follow up episode from both Married and You’re the Worst, which is leading me to re-evaluate my own thoughts on being in a relationship whether you’re married or single. It just seems like that are no easy quick fixes and if you care about the person you’re with then you are willing to be patient to solve your problems. If not, I think its best just to move on and cause more misery to another person 😉

Fu’s Observations:

  • Russ’s friends are the best! “I had to finger myself because I’m not going to back down from a challenge.” Having hookers exercise in front you while giving them a sad tour of your old house was frickin amazing!
  • Question: Why is the bathroom the place you always have to do drugs in? It can’t be the most sanitary place in the world.
  • Four showerheads sound amazing right now.
  • I totally agree, Cameron was the villain in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because he was such a Debbie Downer!
  • Ladies, you’re menstrual cycle does not affect our sex drive at all. As Jimmy eloquently put it, “I’ll play though.”
  • The commune dinner was funny. I personally would think it would be cool but I get it you want you’re personal space.
  • I’ve eaten Chinese food with my girlfriend at the movie theaters, which is absolutely the best and the worst for everyone else in the theater but fuck them! Everyone is such a Cameron these days.
  • What happened to the cat?!!!

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People are Hell

Married Vs You’re the Worst Review (People are Hell)





Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

It’s summer time again, which you know what that means? Love is in the air or something to that affect when you mix horny people with tons of alcohol and no inhibitions. The summer TV line up is in full affect and I’m going to do a review on two of the shows that I think deserve your precious beach time: Married and You’re The Worst. One show is about people dealing with the drama of being married and the other is dealing with the drama of being not married all of which is what is in the heart of all relationships, can we stand to be with the one we are with? Paul Sartre once said, “People are Hell,” which quite possibly these shows might prove him right.

The Men

Married star, Russ Bowman played Nat Faxon is a stay at home dad that has three cute girls and a hot wife. He seemingly has everything that a grown man wants but it seems he is a bit bored and a bit horny. He tries to use the “Hallpass” that his wife gives him but fails miserably at it causing more harm than good. He seems like a good guy, but he might be just stupid enough to ruin his life. We’ll see.

You’re the worst star; Jimmy played by Chris Geere is an unhappy writer that is not meeting his own potential, which I can totally understand. Because he is not happy in his work life he takes it out on people. You can feel that someone hurt him a long time ago, which this is why he puts his guard up with new people, even though he speaks his mind with everyone. Kinda of asshole but I always feel like assholes are misunderstood but we’ll see in the following episodes.

The Women

Married star, Lina Bowman played by Judy Greer is so sweet and loving. She fucking gives her husband a fucking “Hallpass!” I can’t hate on her for anything but I wish more women were open minded like her character. She loves her husband, she loves her family and she is willing to do anything to keep it together.

You’re the worst star, Gretchen played Aya Cash is so fabulous fucked up in a great way. She has a job in which I’m not sure she loves it or not. She is kinda just searching like the rest of us trying to make sense of it all. Occasionally, she might have a one-night stand or two or three then do copious amounts of drugs but hell, it’s called “life” people. We’re here to experience it not to watch it on the bench. She’s a good girl trapped in Rihanna’s body.

The Sex

Married:  Jerked off Twice under the sheets. Made out with a waxer and got to 2nd base but that’s about it. Mad frustrated.

You’re the Worst:  Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Missionary, Doggie, a bit of hair pulling and phone sex, but no anal because it’s the first episode. Crazy satisfied and thirsting for more.

The Problem

Married:  It’s totally husbands fault for being a man.

You’re the worst:  They’re both each other’s problems in which they might be each other’s answers.

The great French existentialists Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “People are Hell.” It was metaphor from his play No Exit where Sartre postulated that when we think of ourselves, we use knowledge of us that other people have. We judge ourselves with the means other people have and use to judge ourselves. And, others’ judgments about us are in whatever we say about ourselves. Thus, if relations with someone else are twisted or destructive then that other person can only be hell. I totally understand Sartre view about how we cause each other’s suffering but that’s how you grow as a person. Plus, I know the value of being alone to get know yourself but I know from experience it’s a lot better when experience a great moment in your life when you’re surround by people who love you.

These are two great summer shows that people should watch whether you are married or single because it shows the reality of what it means to be in a relationship in this day of age.

Fu’s Observations:

–       Does ear hair really bother women that much?

–       Hallpasses should be extended out to non married people.

–        Guys, what is our fascination with dick pics? I’m mean I know we love our own shit but do we always have to mass social media it all the time? 

–       I got a feeling that puppy is not going to last long. I know I’ve killed a few Betta fishes in my day. 

–       I’m not gay, I’m English line I thought was the best line until Gretchen said she started a fire to get out of math class.

–       I have never spit on anyone’s private parts and I think I would have been offended if you would have spitted on my junk!

The Bridge – Ghost of a Flea (Second Base Fail)


Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

Forgive me for the baseball analogy but with MLB’s All-Star game and the ESPYs going on, I can’t help but reference, an epic fail on the part of a character on tonight’s episode. We will save that awkward moment in the end of this review because it holds a special place for me in my twisted heart. Right now I want to talk about how this show is getting worse and going much more slower than watching two non-offensive baseball teams go at it. The only “Saving Grace” for this show is the deliciously, dark and twisted Franka Potente playing Eleanor, the psycho female version of Mister Rogers.

Let’s get into the less exciting part of the episode, which of course I would be talking about Diane Kruger’s character Sonya. They get a lead at a taxidermist, which they find a dead body and a stuffed dog. Watching Sonya looking at the flesh-eating beetles, I wondered if it would have been more exciting just watching the beetles for the rest of the show. Apparently, the stuffed dog along with the body was connected to the FBI, which agents show up telling Sonya and her Chief that this is their case but they are willing to share. But really the FBI has ulterior motives because they want all the credit for breaking the case. Also, the Chief feels like Sonya’s new BF has ulterior motives as he tells Jack Dobbs to stay away from Sonya.

The Bridge - Episode 2.02 - Ghost of a Flea - Promotional Photo

Marco is not having a better time at work as well as his buddies at work play a joke on him, which was not funny to Marco as he beats the cop, who played the prank on him at the police station. He gets more bad news as he is assigned to a new case coming from the orders of the cartel. The good news is he’ll be working with Sonya again, which I believe they are much more of entertaining as a duo then a apart because Marco is just a mess by himself and Sonya is simply not watchable. But I could watch Franka Potente play Eleanor all day along because she is so damn captivating as female villain.

The episode opens up with Eleanor half naked asking for help from young boys, which one of them decides to leave but one decides to help the heavily tattooed Eleanor. The young boy, Kyle, wants to call the cops but Eleanor grabs him telling him if he’s seen “Grace” and the lights. Kyle is totally confused until Eleanor grabbed his “Sandlot” telling Kyle if he wants him to touch her breasts he has to help her. Let’s keep it real, if I was Kyle I would have totally help Eleanor which he does bringing her to his house. He feeds her and give her clothes but Eleanor doesn’t like the choice of outfit that Kyle brought telling Kyle,

“I don’t wear pink. I don’t look good in pink. Pink are for whores and little girls who are trying to be princesses.”

Do you see why I like her? She is not afraid or maybe she’s not capable of doing or saying the right thing in front of normal people but she’s the best part of the show right now. Kyle is determined to drink her “Milkshake” so he drives her to her storage place. While inside the dark storage place with plastic on the floor, Kyle asks why Eleanor has so many tattoos, as she responds to his question,

“Marks for all the demons I’ve known”


She unzips her top and shows her goodies to Kyle, which he finally gets what he wants but it leads to his death. I remember the first time I got to second base with a girl; it was with my next-door neighbor Janet. I wanted it bad, so when the opportunity came I literally jumped on it but her parents caught me in the act which in turn got me in trouble with my parents and I caught a horrible beating from my dad from it but all I was thinking about was Janet’s glorious boobs.

Tonight’s episode was marginally better than season opener but not by much. Hopefully with Marco getting back together with Sonya it will be more exciting. There needs to be more scenes with Eleanor because you never know what she’s going to do next and that’s exciting!

Fu’s Observations

–      God I hate Diane/Sonya’s faded snakeskin leather jacket! It just looks so dirty.

–      At least Marco is getting laid unfortunately he’s still not into practical jokes

–      The Scooby-Doo reporter with Velma is still the weakest part of the show.

–      I think taxidermists get a bad rep; they all can’t look like they’re the bad guys in a James Bond movie.

–      I can see Sonya as an interior designer.

–      What was the deal with FBI agent and his thing for the miniature mythical creatures? I’m Shrek fan myself.

–      Eleanor has no kitchen etiquette, drinking straight out of carton of milk, although a girl has to get her Vitamin D…emons.

–      The next time you enter a dark place with the floors covered in plastic remember to get out of there fast because nothing good is going to happen.

–      I totally want to see Eleanor in a Pink outfit now maybe even in a pink princess dress with tiara and a Sailor Moon wand just covered in blood.

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Help Me (This show does need help)

The Bridge (Season 2) Help Me – “This show does need HELP”



Written By Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

I’m not sure if it’s insomnia or out of boredom I decided to do a review for FX’s season opening of The Bridge, but it probably could be a mixture of both. I was a fan when it premiered last year, which I really got into it especially with the odd pairing of detectives of Sonya Cross played Diane Kruger and Marco played Demian Bichir, but I got super busy last summer, so I don’t really remember what happened in the end. I think in the end they sorta catch the killer but not really in a “evil is still out there” kinda way, setting the show up for season 2. But the season opener couldn’t get my full attention because it was so unwatchable until “the girl with the tattoos” showed up, saving the episode from a debut disaster.

Usually a pretty face keeps me entertained most of the time but the dry acting of Diane Kruger almost made me fall asleep this episode. She is still obsessed with her sister’s killer. She meets the killer’s brother, which he seemed like a normal dude. Sonya wants to know more about her sister’s killer from his brother to get some closure maybe so she buys him lunch. He basically tells her he was fucking psycho, product of his environment, blah, blah, blah, etc. Sonya finally gets her answer but she still wants to show one more thing to the brother, which was a photo of him as a boy that she kept all this time. At this point you would think they would’ve parted ways but I felt like the writers knew the audience were going to sleep, so they added a twist having Sonya going for the brother who killed her sister in a weird sex/closure exchange.

At least someone got some this episode, unlike Marco, who apparently got divorced, slumming it by himself in a crummy apartment. His work life is not that great as well as one of his own tries to shoot him, which he is starting to feel like he has a target on his back. I still like his character as a man always walking that tight rope of good and evil. On hand we wants to make a difference but on the other he knows that if he wants to make a difference he must let criminal acts around him go unabated. If he wants to take down the corruption around him, he must be willing to play the game, which I think he might be more of a dangerous character because he essentially has no more family to protect, so he has nothing to lose but everything to gain.


Here’s what I thought that “helped” the episode and maybe saved the series was this new villain, if you could even call her that, I think she is just misunderstood like all woman in power. Her name is Eleanor Nacht played by Franka Potente as she comes over the border with an assistance in which she seems pretty unassuming. Looking at her at first glance you wouldn’t think she was a cold blooded killer, plus she cares about the environment demanding to driven in fuel effective car. She meets up with banker because she wants answers why his firm lost her money.

At first, I thought she must be the cartel’s accountant but when she wanted a name for the person who lost the money she was ready to take a body part. She calmly took the ear off the banker’s assistant when he spilled coffee on her in order to get the banker’s attention that she was serious and not to be fucked with. This also applies to her assistant as he tries to give her advice in the car on how to do her business. In the end of the show, a bunch of young boys stumble upon her as she is showering blood that is not hers, off her heavily tattooed body, as she vulnerably asks, “Help me” to the boys.

So, without the new villain and great acting of Franka Potente, this season opening of The Bridge would have been pretty boring. I mean you will always get the blood and guts from the show but I need substance, which I can only take so much from the mannequin style acting of Diane Kruger. Hopefully, the next couple of episodes will be better and there will be more scenes with Eleanor which by the way his not the most gangsta name of all time but it’s always the unassuming ones that you have to look out for because they are just waiting for an opportunity for you to let down your guard so they can cross your bridge. (See what I did there)

Fu’s Observations

–       I am really tired of Diane’s faded leather jacket. Unless, this show is in the 80’s, lets update her wardrobe.

–       I think I can see the universe when they do a close up on Diane with her blank expressions.

–       Demian needs to step up his bachelor pad game! Maybe a couple bean bags and a lava lamp.

–       I thought I saw a Hello Kitty tattoo on Franka?

–       I would have totally loved to be one of the boys to find Franka naked showering. I would have totally helped her.

–       Does anyone feel dirty not in a sexy way, but like I need to take a shower afterwards, after every episode of The Bridge. What is that?

–       You can be a badass is a Prius!!! You kill a bunch of people and still care about the Ozone layer.

Animals are Better than Humans – They’re better BFF’s (Mr.G & Jellybean)



When animal welfare officials observed dozens of dogs and three farm animals living in squalor on the property of a hoarder earlier this year, they transported them all to various facilities in Northern California.

While all concerned got a taste of much better living conditions, two of the farm animals — Mr. G (a goat) and Jellybean (a burro) — were separated for the first time in their lives, according to KTVU-TV in Oakland.


Mr. G was at the Animal Place in Grass Valley — and staff there noticed something was wrong.

The goat refused to eat. He eschewed faves like sweet grain and apples and just lay in the corner of his stall.

Physical exam? Check. Nothing wrong in his body.

So after a four-day hunger strike, officials decided to try reuniting Mr. G with his buddy Jellybean.

Not an easy task; it took three days before the burro arrived at Grass Valley.


But when Jellybean was being unloaded from the trailer, magic happened.

Mr. G heard his pal, turned his head, leapt to his hooves, and bolted for the door.

Inseparable once again, Mr. G and Jellybean are sharing a pen.

And the goat once again is eating his oats.


Check out the clip below. (You never know: It could be somewhat staged, complete with the Daughtry “Home” soundtrack, but it’s quite the heartwarmer nonetheless):

Credit: New York Daily News

Wisdom Wednesdays – Your Environment



Happy Earth Day!!! Throwback Tuesday- Marvin Gaye (Mercy, Mercy Me)



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