BLW Interview w/ Mickey Rourke talking about Donald Trump’s Muslim ban


BLW Interview w/ Tom Arnold talking about Donald Trump’s 1st Press Conference


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BLW Interview – Donald Trump supporter – Jon Voight says Miley Cyrus & Shia LaBeouf are GUILTY of TREASON


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Reflecting upon the election, because, now I care. Kind of.


Word's that rhyme and keep with the time... or don't

There isn’t anything that I hate more than politics. Am I blue? Am I red? Do I really care? But I still find myself asking questions and looking back on the last election. No doubt, someone is going to get offended by this.

At first, I just saw the election as just another election. Some dude was going to become president and I wasn’t going to care. I didn’t really mind Obama. I mean, I didn’t love the guy, but I thought his wife was amazing. Secretly, I wish she ran. If there ever would be a wonderful first woman president, it would be her. (I love you Michelle)

But then people started announcing that they were running. Hillary announced and I just kind of ignored her and didn’t take her seriously. I mean, her smile was freakin weird. Some of the things she did were just odd and unnatural.


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Exercising versus Invoking the First Amendment (BLW Contributor)

Canary in the coalmine

No recipes this week. Well, unless it is THIS awesome recipe posted by Dragthepen….

Instead I give you my second installment of Sunday Afternoon Sermon. If you missed the first one, here it is: A New Addition… . I will find something extra interesting for next Sunday Dinner. For now… I hope you will read and comment… because this subject must be discussed if we are to move forward as a country.

Confession: I dabble in Humanist Philosophy.

Back in 2008, I briefly joined a Humanist Forum group. One of the first meetings introduced the concept of Libertarianism to the conversation. It was an interesting and lively debate.

I was not surprised to learn that Libertarians were just as guilty as other humans at picking and choosing what particular sections of philosophy they ascribe to… It seemed that Libertarianism, in the United States at least, had become the opposite…

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Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Vetting Terrorism (BLW Contributor)


Once Written

On Friday, Trump signed his last executive order for the week addressing foreign immigration called “PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES”  It is an extreme “vetting directive” aimed to curb radical Islamic terrorists from entering our country.

This executive order has pitted our long history of American belief in altruism against the very real fear of terrorism.

This was, by far, his most controversial executive orders, the last of five executive orders proclaimed by President Trump since his inauguration.  “We are establishing new vetting measures to keep Radical Islamic Terrorists out of the U.S. of America . . . we don’t want them here.”  Trump announced at a Friday news conference.

The liberal rag, PoliticusUSA was quick to call Trump’s executive order unconstitutional and “an attempt to codify prejudice and hate that goes against the values of our democracy which are protected…

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Black Power, Black Manhood, and Black Womanhood: Voices from the Past and Present



‘Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo’

(you strike the women, you strike the rock)

I think this is my time now and I’m goin’ to take it. Anybody’d be crazy not to take it.… I just don’t care about anything else right now but takin’ what my mother and my grandmother oughtta have had and they didn’t get it. —Anonymous black woman interviewed by Josephine Carson, Silent Voices: The Southern Negro Woman Today (1969)


Spokesmen argued that black men were more damaged by racism than black women, that men should be the leaders, head of the household, and dominant. Black women were empowered and thrilled by the Black Power movement, including the Black Panther Party, but many had critiques of its male chauvinism, common to many nationalist movements.

A central goal of the Black Power and black nationalist political movement was for the black man to recover the manhood that had been destroyed…

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Weekend Inspiration – Barack Obama



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On the Electoral College – Are you sure you want to reform the Electoral College?


Pure Blather

Last time, for those of you not paying attention or somehow reluctant to scroll down and see the last post, I discussed the Electoral College and its historical background, and how it means we don’t elect our president by a direct popular vote.

There are two things to keep in mind when contemplating a reform of the system. First, changing it would require a Constitutional Amendment. You’re just not going to get enough small states (the ones that benefit from the current system) to go along and voluntarily give up influence.

Secondly, though, nowhere in the Constitution does it say how a state must choose its electors. So if one wants to try to reform the Electoral College, the way to do it is in the selection process in the individual states.

There are a two proposals that have been getting serious consideration.

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BLW Interview w/ Phoebe Price talking about supporting Veterans (Happy Veterans Day!!!)

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