Aaron Hernandez And His Sad End


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I’m not a football fan. I mean, as a New Englander it’s mandatory I root for the Patriots when they’re in the Super Bowl, and believe it or not I do understand football. Aaron Hernandez is a sad, cautionary tale perhaps, but definitely a study in what not to do when you make it out of the hood.

He was from Bristol, CT, which is about 20 miles outside of Hartford and not a “hood” by any means but not immune to gang activity. Hernandez was allegedly a member of the Bloods, and didn’t leave his connections behind when he made it to the NFL. Allegedly. He showed up at his latest court case just days ago with a brand new neck tattoo symbolizing the Bloods. Allegedly.

Doing a life bid with no parole for shooting and killing his friend, and just beating a double murder rap, Hernandez hung himself…

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EPISODE 6                      


 Written By: DOC G @rorymcqueen33

Everybody is going to fuck up in life. We all make mistakes, trust the wrong person, and step out of line sometime. I’m sure even the Dali Lama screwed up once or twice in his life, after all the lama was a big hitter.


The Golden Age of TV is Dead- Introducing Friday Night Tykes

Friday Night Tykes: Disappointed Tuesday


When you’re an 8 old you, half the choices and decisions you make are the wrong one, but the key to this life an old thief once taught me was “Smart men try to never make mistakes, brilliant men make them once and learn from it, be brilliant in this life.”


In this episode of Tykes we saw two different ways of learning from your mistakes. The Outlaws are marching toward a championship, led by Coach Nolden’s talented son, but unlike some coaches in this league, Nolden is a parent before a Coach. When his son messes up in school he doesn’t sweep it under the rug, or give the kid a slap on the wrist. Instead he teaches his son a lesson; he makes him learn that mistakes have consequences and benches him for an entire game. Even during the game, when his son is begging to get in, he stayed firm. If I could I’d bet thousands on Nolden’s son not making the same mistake in school again.


Nolden and his other coaches might have the best team in the league, but what makes one 8-year-old team different than the other 8-year-old teams, discipline. His coaches instill it in every practice, in every speech, and one can imagine that for children at such an impressible age the true goal isn’t to build a great football player but a good man, which is much more important.

Sadly not everyone learns from his or her mistakes right away. Many are doomed to repeat the same mistake over and over again, till finally they find themselves without their wife, two children or any friends. Ah Coach Chavarria if only we could have seen your childhood, the drama and shit you must have suffered to produce the mook you are now but be breathtaking.


NFL coaches lose their wives because they spend too much time working, pee wee football coaches shouldn’t even lose sleep over their team, since we are talking about 8 year olds.


The saddest shot in the show is watching the man’s own children begging to spend Saturday night with their father, and the good old coach saying he can’t because he had to spend his time coaching other parents 8 year olds.

His team won their next game, but seriously, who gives a shit, the man lost his family for what, a chance to be the best 8-year-old coach in San Antonio?


Forget the upcoming matchup between the Outlaws and Colts; there’ll be plenty of time to break down the most anticipated game of football since the AFL-NFL merger. No if you are going to take one thing from this episode it’s in life hope you find someone like Coach Nolden to teach you how to learn from your mistakes and pray your children are never on Coach Chavarria’s team.



That Caddyshack reference was in honor of the late Harold Ramis. Most fascinating thing about Ramis is his relationship to Bill Murray. They did Stripes, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and finally Groundhog Day together, yet disagreed over the tone of that film so much that when the shoot ended they never spoke again. 21 years go by, the film becomes a classic, hewing close to what Ramis envisioned, and Ramis dies without ever resolving his differences with Murray. The lesson here, fuck Groundhogs.


This is called the anti-Urban Meyer theory. Urban, the coach of the Buckeyes practices a different sort of punishment system, using encouragement, god and football to teach his players discipline. Aaron Hernandez swears by it.


I bet Roger Goodell had a time machine and could go back and teach Ray Rice not to knock a girl unconscious and drag her down a hall or teach Darren Sharper if you need to drug the girl out cold to sleep with her, you need some work on your game.

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Why so Serious? Superbowl Jokes & Bloopers

jokernurse copy

Why so Serious?

Superbowl Jokes & Bloopers

Written By: The SeaHawks Hulk Guy @fu_beatz 


Q: What do you call 40 guys watching the Super Bowl?

A:  The San Diego Chargers


Football sounds like it’s invented by an eight-year-old girl. ‘Like, all right, here’s the deal, there’s a ball and you get four tries to take the ball ten yards. In between each try we’re going have a huddle and we’re going to tell secrets about the other team. By the way, we’re all wearing Capri pants. At half time the Black Eyed Peas are going to play.  – Neal Brennan


What do you get when you cross a football player with a hooker?

An illegal procedure.



Q: What do you call 40 guys watching the Super Bowl?

A:  The New England Patriots



“Yesterday, Aaron Hernandez was denied bail even though his lawyer said Hernandez was not a risk to flee. Not a risk to flee? He’s a football player. He makes his living running away from people who are chasing him. That is the definition of fleeing.” – Jay Leno  



Q: Why is Aaron Hernandez’s NFL career over?

A: By the time he gets out of jail he wont have a tight end left. 


Aaron Hernandez heard about Tebowing and decided he had to outdo Tim Tebow. So he started his own trend called “Murdering”.

Dear Amanda Bynes, Aaron Hernandez will murder your vagina. Tom Brady is the first quarterback in NFL history to complete 500 passes in the postseason. 




God’s Questions Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Tom Brady go to heaven to visit God and watch the Celtics play a game. God decides who will sit next to him by asking the boys a question. God asks Peyton Manning first, “What do you believe?” Peyton thinks long and hard, looks God in the eye, and says, “I believe in hard work, and in staying true to family and friends. I believe in giving. I was lucky, but I always tried to do right by my fans.” God can’t help but see the essential goodness of Manning, and offers him a seat to his left. Then God turns to Tony Romo and says, “What do you believe?” Tony says, “I believe passion, discipline, courage, and honor are the fundamentals of life. I too have been lucky, but win or lose I’ve always tried to be a true sportsman, both on and off the field.” God is greatly moved by Tony’s sincere eloquence, and he offers him a seat to his right. Finally, God turns to Tom Brady and says, “And you, Tom, what do you believe?” Tom replies, “I believe you’re in my seat.” – Fabio E.



Q: What is the difference between a Seahawks fan and a baby? 
A: The baby will stop whining after awhile.

Q: Why can’t Russell Wilson use the phone anymore?
A: Because he can’t find the receiver. 
Q: Why aren’t many people surprised by the success of the Seattle Seahawks since Pete Carroll became couch?
A: Pete Carroll coached professional football players at USC for years. 
Q: If you have a car containing a Seahawks wide receiver, a Seahawks linebacker, and a Seahawks defensive back, who is driving the car?
A: The cop. 
4 Football Fans A Redskins fan, an Eagles fan, a Patriots fan, and a Colts fan are climbing a mountain and arguing about who loves his team more. The Redskins fan insists he is the most loyal. ‘This is for the Redskins! ‘ he yells, and jumps off the side of the mountain. Not to be outdone, the Eagles fan shouts, ‘This is for the Eagles!’ and throws himself off the mountain. The Colts fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells, ‘This is for everyone!’ and pushes the Patriots fan off the mountain. 
Q: What do you call professional football players watching the Super Bowl?

A:  The rest of the LOSERS that couldn’t beat the Broncos or the Seahawks

Let’s Go SEAHAWKS!!!