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“To Hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”Bruce Lee


48 comments on “Submissions for BLW

  1. Yo!
    Thanks for the follow. I have a film collective called Kollektive Films with my best friend that I would love to work with your projection crew on some projects. I do have a short I am writing that I will send you guys the basic plot structure and synopsis thus far. Still working on the script though but let me know if ya’ll are interested.
    Mardaweh Tompo

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, with videos , reciting of my poetry and photographs. vVsit me also at have a brilliant day.Kerstin

  3. Mick Orton says:

    Thank you for checking out our Silver Laughter site! We will be inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame for 2014 in August! Glad you liked our music!

  4. The Shapeless Truth says:

    Hiya guys, your blog looks great! I might think of sending you some music sometime.. Also, thanks for the follow!🙂

  5. jesusshaman says:

    hey guys!!!! Thanks for following my blog. Small thing: in the paragraph above ” If you’re passionate aboout then we’ll post it!” see the spelling mistake.🙂 Now…. I would love to participate or be part of any work you guys do, even cleaning windows….LOL….ok, we’ll see it. I’m a SUPER creative individual, that focus at this time mostly in music and photography, but I have done a lot of acting and many other creative aspects. You can check more of what I do in Facebook, under my whole name = Jesus Heberto Guillen Solis. LOVE

  6. Thank you folks for ‘following’ my blog🙂 I love blogging almost as much as I love writing lyrics and collaborating !
    Would be great to maybe work together sometime, somewhere, someday… as they say🙂
    ps love the eclectic and varied aspects to your blog, makes interesting reading, thank you

  7. dharmendr says:

    Be water- Bruce Lee. Thank you very much for the follow. I appreciate it.

  8. megaciph says:

    Thanks for the follow, I will certainly send you some ideas for collaboration in the near future. Peace and Light
    One Love

  9. Marsha Brown says:

    Thanks for flowing me. I love to write! I work on poetry. I have written over 500 poems about various topics and I write songs sing as well.
    My current big project is am expose’ book called “Pastors Who Prey” it’s about ministers who take their job a little off course of what God intended and instead of praying for the flock they were Intrusted with, they prey on them. Like a wolve in sheeps clothing. I have personal stories from several ladies.
    Would love your thoughts. Or not. No biggies. Im working no matter.😉

  10. ashawilliams says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed writing poetry for many years.

  11. mmadisonb says:

    Thanks for the follow. I’m about to graduate and get into the film industry, so I might be contacting you in a few months to collaborate!

  12. amaya911 says:

    Thank you for following me! I would love to submit any type of reviews and/or interviews (concert, TV, album, book reviews, etc.) in the very near future!

  13. hi , it’s really a good opportunity for any blogger to share he’s thoughts so thank you for this and i would like to share an ensemble of poems that i wrote on my blog on the site , mostly romantic or sociological topics …. thank you again

  14. Where do I submit work? I have an article on music that I would like to send you. I also wrote a book on the subject of R&R

  15. jas81 says:

    Thank you for following my blog, it is much appreciated! I am new to wordpress and will keep an eye on your site for any cool opportunities!

  16. Iwundu Wisdom says:

    Thanks for the follow.

  17. Rashminotes says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow:) This is a really interesting site, I would definitely read your posts and would love to contribute.

  18. ME says:

    Thanks so much for following my blog. I would absolutely love to be able to contribute to your very cool site. Here is the link to my site
    and my latest post is :

  19. Mr Model says:

    Thank you for liking my posts!

    I build scale models, and enjoy when I see one used in the movies, such as The Brady Bunch.

    Your site is a wonderful source for information. I look forward to visiting often.

    Hans Carl Clausen : Mr Model

  20. courtmclane says:

    Thank you for being the first official follower of my blog! Literally JUST started it exactly one week ago, but I’m excited to watch it grow🙂

  21. rumachak says:

    Thanks for following me! Always a great feeling. I will forward you my work when I have figured out your blog’s philosophy. Till then, I am having fun reading your posts and welcome you to do the same. Feel free to reblog if you wish, please and thank you. Cheers!

  22. ME says:

    Hi thanks so much for sharing my Maria Montessori post, really appreciate the love. Another post that I thought may interest you is this one . It touches on participatory culture and how blogging, can help show consumers alternative articles and interesting thoughts than main stream media. x

  23. ME says:

    Thanks again for sharing my post. Here are a couple more if you’re interested Melinda

  24. isabelleize says:

    🙂 thank you so much , french women artist , from across the water , have a new friend on my page , yesssss , i am happy now lol ,,, thank you

  25. How’s It going, I just recorded a song not sure if you’d be interested in it or not but here it is:
    also thanks again for posting some of my stuff in the past I really appreciate it.

  26. sophie says:

    hi, thanks for the chance, hope mine is in line with your philosophies. Thanks!

  27. LegalLogs says:

    Hi, Ryan,
    If anyone on this planet is a work in progress, it’s me. Having just finished my own adolescence at 33, made many a misstep along the way. I created my blog so that people who were going through a life crisis can find their own strength to fight for themselves and find greatness.
    Can you check out my post about getting over a failed relationship by dating (yourself)?
    Thanks for taking a look at it!

  28. HiveMindForHire says:

    What a fantastic idea! This blog serves as a great opportunity for many writers from a variety of different backgrounds. Thank you for following HiveMindFoHire, guys. Anyone interested in games, films and technology should come check out what I do and drop a comment sometime!🙂

  29. Oasis Now says:


    This is one of my blogs…I am a new blogger…aspiring writer…and long time educator and global trotter…
    Enjoy: submissions may not be daily but they will be consistent!

  30. johnpersico says:

    Excellent site. Very interesting content. I post my blogs weekly and have written over 800 now on commentary dealing with social, political, moral and spiritual issues. You can repost any of my blogs that you desire. I have not copyrighted any of my material and give free permission for you to use any that you think might be of interest to your readers. My blogs are all posted at Perhaps working together, we can all make the world a better and more interesting place and have fun doing it. 🙂

  31. C. M. Marquez says:

    BLW, first of all I wanted to thank you for liking the post I wrote titled “six words that I’ll regret for the rest of my life”. It means a lot to me that you’d take the time to read it and “like” it. I was looking around your site and found this page. I was hoping to contact you about possibly reblogging my post “Please Help Our Momma” – – which is about the struggles my family is facing since my mothers colon cancer diagnosis. Me and my brother made a cancer relief crowd funding campaign for her to help our family stay afloat. Here is a direct link to the campaign: ! I trust that you can make a tremendous impact if you share our cause with your readers. It would mean the world to us! Thank you.

    Christopher Michael

  32. Oasis Now says:

    I want to share an inspirational eBook a dear friend of mine has published this year:

    Thank you in advance for reading!
    Happy Sunday everyone!
    Time to Enjoy the Weather🙂

  33. merrigib says:

    Thank you for your interest in my fledgling blog effort, “My Merri Way: A Journey”
    Subjects on my site include : Dolls, Family Stories, Family Thoughts, (yes, a little redundant) and Reviews. Visitors are welcome. Be advised that this is a rather old-fashioned, low-tech blog–no videos, for example. Visuals are mostly family members, views of rural Missouri in the 1930s and ‘40s, and dolls from my collection. I review books from time to time, most referred from NetGalley or purchased on Amazon. I appreciate for your interest!

  34. Hello I am asking if anyone is in need of a little uplifting…I have written my 1st short story and details of where you can find this E-Book is on my Blog>>>

    Thank you all in advance!!!! Comments are welcomed!

    Here is the Book Synopsis:
    Tharisse, a young African American woman having grown up in the urban streets of NJ, finds herself on a path of self-discovery. She feels as though her image of a man was tainted from the start. Being raised by a difficult mother and a stepfather she despises, Tharisse searches for love apparently in all the wrong places.
    Although Tharisse faces many challenges in life including being diagnosed with HIV, she is forced to raise her only daughter Destiny alone after Destiny’s father Eugene disappears from their lives. When she finds out what happened to him, Tharisse will need to make decisions on how to move on with her life.

    Discover how this mother turns her troubles into triumphs… How will she free herself from the internal turmoil taking place within her? Join Tharisse on a journey to self awareness, enlightenment and gratitude of life’s smallest blessings in this short story that was inspired by true life events.

  35. Xceptional43 says:

    Hello BLW,

    I snap stories, tell pictures and question answers at .

    I wouldn’t want to sound my own trumpet just to be modest but a visit will make you build a camp fire and say waiting for every new post.

    And Thanks once again for the opportunity.

  36. Eden Fried says:

    Hiya BLW – Found your site. Good stuff.
    You should get in touch with my brother (award winning, and up and coming, filmmaker!). I’m sure he’d love to collaborate with you guys.

  37. Dragthepen says:

    Dear Readers:

    “The Waiting Game” details the relationship myths that women hear about through the generations. Women are taught that men are not attracted to strong women, and that a woman’s primary role in society is to get the man and keep him interested. Women have to follow the rules of the game to be successful. Rule one, use prime bait. Rule two, catch the man. Rule three, keep the man no matter what characteristics he possesses. Any rules after that- the men play the rest of the game. Therefore, if this task is not completed—we fail as women.

    Read this and:

    Let Your Reminiscence Unfold

    J. R. Floyd

  38. wthdyjs22 says:

    Hi y’all! I’m just a blogger starting out. I talk about cool shit. Y’all might like it. Do me a favour and check it out, you owe me nothing:

  39. Vic Crain says:

    With your permission, I’d like to draw attention to a little book of poems on Domestic Abuse/Violence that my wife has just published. Its based on her experiences in a prior marriage, and focuses on the range of emotions that victims feel. Its intended as a resource for others walking this path.
    It’s available from Lulu, Amazon and Google. Lyn Crain, “In My Shoes”. We are seeking people to read and review it, please.

  40. Dragthepen says:

    Hello, I would like to add this to BLW. Tune into hotline radio, also know as listen tot he interview with J.R. Floyd, author of the new book, ” The Waiting Game”, Nest week Tuesday & Wednesday September 12 & 13. In the meantime, the book is available on

  41. Hello everyone, As a prior BLW contributor, I am honored to share my new book with you. I am 1st to admit how life’s challenges can kick ass sometimes and this story is mind blowing teaching me that fighting through is half the battle. I hope to shed light and spread awareness to situations that aren’t easily spoken about. I ask for your support by checking out the story and sharing the link for others to find. Keep in mind folks just because it may not be your truth doesn’t mean its not someone else’s. This book may help another if not you. I introduce to you, “THE TRIUMPH IN ME” Thank you!

  42. Thank you for the follow and pointing me to your site. Love the Bruce Lee references. He was so smart and inspiring. Thank you for your collaborative spirit. Best wishes and much success to you.

  43. Dragthepen says:
    Happy reading

  44. Vic Crain says:

    I’ve been blogging on of topics — generally items on finance and healthcare that most people should know, but many don’t. Most recent on autism and the need for second opinions on diagnoses:

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