Earn $$$ Money with BLW (Take photos of Celebrities)

Want to earn extra money? Can you spot celebrities? Do you have a cellphone? 

You can make some extra cash with us easily!!!  If you are around a celebrity and if you manage to take a picture/video with them or of them, then you have a chance to make money with us!!!

And its very easy too. Anyone can email pictures/videos from their cell phone or computer, email them to BLW within minutes and we’ll sell it for you.

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How much do you make?

YOU will get 70% of every sale (We take 30% for marketing, accounting and archiving).

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How do I send?

Please email the pictures or videos to us @ blw_photos@yahoo.com . When sending in images don’t forget to add your full name, your full address, your telephone number, your email address. Remember to write a brief caption explaining where and when the photo was taken, who the celebrity is and anything that makes the story or funny. If you were the ONLY ONE who took the photos or videos? Don’t leave anything out! (If the video is to big to send then use WeTransfer use or email above to send it.)

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How much do you make?

YOU will get 70% of every sale. We do the selling, accounting, archiving distribution and you just wait for money.

Terms and Conditions

By registering and submitting to BLW, you confirm that you own the copyright in the picture(s) that you will be supplying to Be Like Water Production. Furthermore, you confirm that you are granting Be Like Water Production a licence to syndicate the picture(s) worldwide and showcase on our websites. You understand and accept that all sales revenue received by Be Like Water Production will be split 70/30.

All sales will be paid to you via a monthly collection report. You will receive your royalty payments the month after the actual payment has been received by Be Like Water Production from its client or sub-agent.

For more information and send all photos or videos @ blw_photos@yahoo.com