COACHELLA 2016!!! – What are your thoughts? Who’s your favorite band?



Happy Flashback Friday!!! – Jay Z: Coachella Festival – Full Show (2010)

Free Comedy Show Tonight!!!

PUI Show

Happy Bill Murray Day!!! “I was never a real good practical joker…”



Happy Bill Murray Day!!!

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How do Fireworks work? (Science is Awesome)


TRF: Basking in the glory of nothingness



I have no idea what is going to happen to Tijuana Rumble Fest, all I know is that it happened and it changed me forever. Yes, I am is in serious debt and no profits were made. But there was some success. There was never an accurate count of people that went to the festival, but a large percentage were Americans. A lot of locals made an appearance as well, the idea from the very beginning was to mix the two Californias in art and music again. Being one of the organizers was one of the most difficult tasks I’ve done in my life, that I can’t wait till I can simply be a writer and a concert goer instead of the one behind the scenes.

“I feel…. thin. Sort of stretched, like … butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday. And I don’t expect I shall return. In fact I mean not to.”

For some reason, I feel like Bilbo Baggins did when he let go of the one ring.

Was it worth it?

From the very beginning the only thing I asked for was to enjoy 100 Onces, and I did. Carlo Magaloni came up to me while rocking out to them and gave me a hug “esto es tu mero mole,” he said. That was my only moment when I thought “this was worth it.”

I’m not trying to be condescending to the other bands, but I was too busy with everything else that I can’t give you a full honest review of how you sounded. But from the comments I’ve heard, everyone was fantastic, except the sound engineer who gave us a lot of problems.

It was a true rumble of the egos. Not only between the bands who all wanted the prime spot after there was only one stage, but between the three stage managers, Chad Deal, David Villegas and myself. Managing and trying to please so many talented artists at the same time is next to impossible. I will never see a festival the same way I did before and I applaud all event organizers that somehow manage the unpredictable.

I’ve showered a handful of times since the fest. I still smell like TRF.

And now to add a paparazzi bullshit touch to my post:

50 Cent and Matisyahu just had an AMA on reddit. I’m sure they didn’t read my comments but here’s what happened.
50 Cent was on March 13 of 2009. Fiddy was arriving with his posse from a flight from who the fuck cares. I was reluctant to take his picture, but said fuck it, there’s nothing he can do. He came out of the elevator and pretended to attack me. I yelled out “don’t pull a Kanye on me!” He laughed and got in the limo repeating my joke. Kanye had just attacked a paparazzo friend and it was all over the news, hence the joke.

Matisyahu was a complete accident. It was January 18, 2010 and I was waiting for someone else (I saw Dita Von Teese, Edward Norton and Josh Groban). I saw Matisyahu and thought to myself “fuck yeah, that dude is the man,” I had my camera and snapped away. He was super awesome.




2014 Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Parade in Downtown L.A. (Just Pictures)



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Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Just another good reason why to drink on a Monday- Kid Cudi (Pursuit of Happiness)


Happy Palm Sunday!!! It’s About Selfies and Peace between Rap Icons (Nas & Jay Z)




It was too long ago that rap icons Nas and Jay Z were at each other throats having one the best rap battles in history. As hip-hop head like myself was drooling all over the situation with the legendary rappers because they were getting at each other not with fists but with their minds and us as fans we were loving it. But life goes on, people get older, people have kids, people get married, and a once heated beef between legendary rap icons, Jay Z and Nas, can be squashed in order to have peace. For hip-hop fans like us, we are grateful that these two can show respect with one another and have harmony between them. They showed that respect for one another again last night at Coachella when Nas was performing, Jay Z surprisingly showed up mid-set to perform with him. 


It was so awesome to see the best MCs still in the game performing together and it looked like they were having fun! Just like the Pope.

imageVatican Pope Palm Sunday

It wasn’t too long ago that you could get a selfie with the Pope, but it’s all about the future


It’s all about Peace and Love…



Avoid Coachella at all costs – Inside the Booming Business of Music Festivals


Coachella, Oasis For Douchebags and Trust Fund Babies. What a great line for Anti-Coachella fans. I wasn’t planning to go this year but an opportunity presented itself plus I had just to see Outkast but I totally agree with this article. Coachella used to be all about the music but know it’s just a fucked up version of a wannabe Woodstock. Please read this great article and if you don’t agree with a couple of the ideas presented by this article then you are probably one of those entitled douchebags that ruin it every year.

Coachella 2014- Night Time is the Right Time (Just Pictures)


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