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House of Anansi Press Champagne Breakfast by Toronto Film Files (BLW Contributor)


Toronto Film Files

Two of my favourite things in life are books and mimosas.  House of Anansi Press gave me both.

On June 8th I made the trek from the East-end to Lansdowne for House of Anansi Press’ Champagne Breakfast!  The breakfast was in celebration of House of Anansi’s move to the up-and-coming cultural hub that is Lansdowne, and a wave of exciting new releases on their publishing horizon.

A red brick wall bears a black picture in a white frame. The black picture shows a white statue with the words: IF I CLOSE MY EYES I COULD GET LOST IN THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS..." Art in Lansdowne (watch this ‘hood, it’s gonna be an arts/culture hub in a few years)

After taking two buses, the subway, and a walk through a construction zone wherein I started to think I was horribly lost, I stumbled upon Henderson craft brewery (I was so surprised that there was a Toronto craft brewery I hadn’t heard of before) and…finally!…House of Anansi Press at the front of the adjoining building complex!

When I walked in to the bright, industrial-chic space featuring walls lined…

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When the World Breaks Your Heart by 4unansweredprayers (BLW Contributor)



Every day, when you want to smile the world will tell you no. It will advise you to watch the news. How can you be happy when there is so much sorrow in the world? Are you so heartless? Taking a selfie while so many are dying of hunger? Haven’t you heard of those who died from the recent attacks scattered all over the world?

Everyday life gives you a reason not to be happy. It will remind you of dreams not met. It will tell you that you are not moving fast enough. It will show you people who started the race with you but are now far ahead of you. It will sneer at you, do they have two heads that they do better than you?

Everyday Quote Everyday society will call you a fool. They will look at you brace the storm of your life and judge you. They…

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