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Travel Thursdays – Berlin by Mhairi London

Mhairi London

From Oslo to Berlin! Now THIS was a city I was excited to see (no offense, Oslo). I’ve always been so interested in world history, especially World War II. Me, being my overly ambitious self, only took one Advanced Placement class in high school, which, you could probably guess, was European History. We flew into the budget airline airport, Berlin Schönefeld, and it was a bit of a struggle getting into the city center as the “express” train didn’t seem to run very often. But eventually we were dropped off at the central metro station, and Heather almost immediately had her purse pick-pocketed while going up the escalator. This all set a rather stressful tone for the day, but things started looking up almost immediately as we started walking around the city. Our first stop was the famous Reichstag Building, which used to house government bodies, but hasn’t been used…

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