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On Being Stronger than your Excuses by Since 1984

Freebird Runner

I literally spent the entire hour of my commute home today trying to convince myself out of working out. I spent more time thinking of why I shouldn’t do it, than it would take to actually do it.

I kept telling myself that my body could use the rest day…I was tired and not in the mood. Why start something that would inevitably be a disaster? If I couldn’t put in 100%, then it wasn’t worth my time.

I’d then argue those thoughts by reminding myself how I sort of cut loose over the weekend with some food choices so I really should workout…which turned into being all like, “YOLO.” You should have your cake and eat it too.

I don’t ever want to be the person who lives by the idea that I can only “cut loose” if I work off the calories! But on the other end of…

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