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Galbi: Korean LA-Cut Short Ribs by Of Goats and Greens

Of Goats and Greens

You’ll see the name spelled Galbi, and you’ll see it spelled Kalbi.

Due to the fact that I’m still not driving after surgery, I didn’t follow the following recipe exactly.  My inspiration recipe is from Maangchi’s “Real Korean Cooking” book,page 226.  It is a little bit different than the one I ran into that she posted online a few years before the cookbook came out.

Galbi, Kalbi, Korean, Short Ribs, recipe, gluten-freeGalbi for wraps. You could also use daikon sticks in addition to cucumber. I had more lettuce waiting in the wings, for wrapping.

I used apple instead of pear in the marinate – I’d recommend pear, but I still have a collection of apples that I obtained from farmer’s markets late last fall.  And while I do have honey, using the coconut palm sugar was more efficient for me.  While Maangchi uses a soybean paste dipping sauce for which she also provides a recipe, I…

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