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My workout routines from Monday to Saturday by FIT & HEALTHY

Fit & Healthy

So today’s post is all about putting some work in and starting toning up and getting fit.

I usually work out 4 times a week but sometimes when I feel like I can push myself a bit more and, of course, if have time, I also workout on Saturdays.

So, what I do is starting the week either with a cardio workout on the treadmill (elliptical or others too) or a HIIT focusing on either upper/lower body or my core and then I alternate those days with some strength training. Basically, I try to mix it up a little bit to keep myself focused and not getting bored on same old workouts all the time.

When I do cardio on the treadmill I will start with a 20 minute run and then I’ll walk for a while and then start running again until I hit 40/45 mins. This is what…

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