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What is the Keto Diet and is it Worth it? by Penelope August Roberts

Beautiful Days

Penelope August Roberts

Keto is definitely not new, and has made it abundantly clear as possibly one of the most prominent diet hypes at the start of 2017. While many celebrities swear by it as a sound dietary plan that works, there always seems to be a bit of doubt coming from the community on the latest diet “trend”. So, What is Keto? What does it do? Does it work? Can I still eat pizza bagels?


The Breakdown

The goal of the diet is quite simply in theory, but very difficult in execution. Essentially, by removing carbs from your diet and instead supplementing them with fat, you’re body will enter a state of Ketosis. While in Ketosis, your body will restrain itself from consuming sugar for energy and instead rely on fat. Ketosis also has a claim to fame for burning high amounts of stored fat in a relatively small…

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