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How Much Mileage Should a Runner Do? by Running Blair


Before I end up writing this post I must put a disclaimer out there that this isn’t backed up by science or hasn’t been tested in labs but it is my own personal debate and opinion on how many kilometers (sorry cause I use metric systems) should a runner be doing.

High Mileage Coaches

The first person who comes to mind when you talk about a high mileage training regime is Arthur Lydiard who prided himself on tough long sessions and making the runners tough. His athletes like John Walker, Peter Snell, Rod Dixon and many other champion athletes ranging from 800m right through to a marathon distance. His method was simple with his athletes running around 160km (100 miles) a week which included his 35km (22 miles) Sunday run which goes through hilly terrain and old country roads. His philosophy also meant that his athletes would do a lot of…

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