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The divorce by Mala Balan

My Name Is Mala

So everyone asks me why I got divorced after so many years of marriage. Tricky question, huh? 25 years really. Initially, I felt I had to justify my leaving to everyone. As time went on, I came to accept the fact that we were just two people not meant to be together.  Well, I believe if someone divorces after such a long marriage, it could mean that the marriage was not working or was working on auto pilot. Couples in long marriages stick together because “it’s been too long.” It’s a case of why rock the boat. Lots of couple stay in unhappy marriages because they do not know how to end it. Or they have no will to end it. Or they have no determination to end it. They just get comfortable in their own misery. And then there is the case of losing your identity. When two people…

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