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The Vietnamese Food Guide :) by 2 MUNCHIES BLOG


Having spent a week in Vietnam we’ve put together a brief Vietnamese food guide for beginners. A guide to what is best to eat and try in Vietnam.

Vietnam is famous for numerous dishes such as Pho, Banh Mi and Com Ga which you’ll find the length of the country.Grabbing a plastic stool at a roadside at any street food stall is one of the best ways to experience Vietnamese food and interact with the locals.

Here are the basic n readily available dishes throughout the country :


Phở is the quintessential Vietnamese food. A national dish phở is a noodle soup that originated from the north but is now popular throughout the country. Regardless of where it’s from, it’s made with four basic ingredients – clear stockrice noodles (called bánh phở), meat (typically beef or chicken), and herbs.

IMG-20180418-WA0003Usually made with beef (pho bo) it…

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