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7 Positive Habits That Changed My Life by A Pinch of Profanity

A Pinch of Profanity

Somewhat recently, I realized that I had so many little bad habits that were really negitively impacting my daily life. Since I realized this, I’ve been making it a point to not only pick up on these habits, but completely reverse them.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much the little things effect your life. For example, I used to always leave my house without making my bed. I didn’t even realize how much of an impact this had on me until I actually started making it. Coming home every night to a neat, clean enviornment and being able to just slide under the covers and go to sleep without wrestling to put the sheets back on or dealing with a twisted blanket is a GAME CHANGER!

It took a lot of time and reflection, but I think I’ve been able to narrow down the list so you don’t have to!

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