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Isle of Dogs Review by Smash Cut

Smash Cut


Wes Anderson’s ostentatious style of direction can mostly come off in one of two ways. It can either imbue it’s worlds with a sense of quirk that mirrors the oddball charm of its characters, or it can feel like a lot of overwrought technique for its own sake. Luckily, with Isle of Dogs, the form matches function. Anderson’s diaroma-esque shot composition and inclination towards right angles feels more natural in the fully constructed worlds of stop motion animation. Here, suspension of disbelief is a necessary buy-in, animation more clearly marked as artifice than live action productions.

Isle of Dogs heralds Anderson’s return to the world of stop motion, functioning as something of a visual successor to The Fantastic Mr. Fox. It takes place in a near future Japan, in which a combination of illness and public manipulation has led to a government decreed exodus of the canine population from Megasaki…

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