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Sweet salmon and bacon linguine with dill and lemon by Shapstik on Food

Shapstik on Food

I first came across candied bacon when I had a Jack Daniels burger at TGI Fridays, and wanted to try making it ever since. I mean, the idea of making bacon even more delicious by covering it in sugar and alcohol? I’m in! This is a great recipe, and the sweet salmon and bacon really stands out in the pasta, mixing with the subtle dill and lemon flavours. Hope you enjoy it!

This recipe serves 2 people

Step 1) First make your candy glaze, which you will use to baste both the salmon and bacon.  Take 2 tsp English mustard , 3 tbsp brown sugar, 2 tbsp bourbon (I used Gentlemen Jack, because it rocks) and a little salt and pepper. Mix together well in a small bowl or ramekin.

Step 2) Take 4-5 rashers of streaky bacon, and baste in the candy glaze, both sides…

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