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Friday 13th – the safest day of the year by Jina S. Bazzar

Jina S. Bazzar

Fortune or misfortune?

Superstition states that Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day, prone to bring a disastrous event down upon a person. Anything bad or unlucky that happens in this day is this days fault, no questions asked.

The superstition is believed and feared by so many, some economies actually suffer from this day when people refuse to go to work, drive their car to a grocery, go out at night, board a plane, or simply leave their homes. And if economy is suffering, it’s because it’s Friday 13th, the unlucky day.

In some years, Friday the 13th happens three times a year, and the last time it did was on 2015. Every year has a Friday 13th, and every month that starts with a Sunday will have 13th on a Friday.

In Italy, the unlucky day falls on a Friday 17th and in Greece on…

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