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Hump Day Horror: A Quiet Place Review by Musings of a Grouch

Musings of a Grouch

We take sound for granted. It follows us everywhere and is a constant in our lives. Nature is full of sounds and we can’t escape it. The best we can hope for is to be quiet. And for those living in the world of A Quiet Place, their survival depends on being as quiet as possible.

In the year 2019 everything goes to hell. Sound sensitive monsters that resemble a giant preying mantis mixed with the xenomorph from Alien have decimated humanity on the planet. They have seemingly impenetrable armor, are lightning quick, and brutally savage. Those that have survived have figured out that sound attracts these creatures and they’ve adopted quiet. A Quiet Place follows the Abbott family as they scrape by an existence in this now quiet world.

At its core, A Quiet Place is a creature feature where parents are trying to keep their kids safe from…

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