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Bacon and Egg Cups! by Tranquil Dreams

Tranquil Dreams

Happy Monday, my lovelies! I’m in a great mood and figured that I would share some food posts to brighten up everyone’s day!

Last night was my boyfriend and me’s (not so sudden) desire to have our breakfast style dinner.  I was checking out my pins on Pinterest earlier in the day also to look for a baking recipe, which I will finally do tonight hopefully 🙂

Back to my dinner, as we were preparing, I landed on this very delicious looking recipe for Bacon and Eggs.  You can see it here:

Somehow, the actual link for the recipe doesn’t work anymore but here’s how mine turned out!

Bacon and Egg Cups Bacon and Egg Cups

Its super easy to make this.

What you do is that you take muffin tins and then you could add some non-stick spray if you’d like.  I didn’t, but it might help to take it out easier afterwards…

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