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Natural Deodorant: Is it for you? by Elemental Elegance

Elemental Elegance

If you’ve dabbled in the world of natural products, you may have come across natural deodorant.

When I laid my eyes on some at Marshall’s (on clearance, might I add), I was really excited. Though, it did cross my mind that it wasn’t the best idea to buy something supposedly natural from a chain store. I read the ingredients, which were minimal, plus a lot of other great things, and essentially decided to give it a try. Why not? It was just a bonus that the scent was: lavender and sage. My fave! The brand that I purchased was Schmidt’s, pictured below. The smell is lovely.

Well, It had been “so far, so good” with the deodorant until a week or two after using it. I came home from a long day with SO much pain in my right underarm. Sure enough, when I took a look I had…

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