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‘Thoroughbreds:’ An Ice Pick to the Neck by 812 Film Reviews


Rating: 3/4

Sterile. Cerebral. Methodical. Those are the best words to describe Writer and Director Cory Finley‘s Thoroughbreds.

A film centered on two teenagers, Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Amanda (Olivia Cooke), who converse in dark psychotic fantasies. Thoroughbreds is part noir, part thriller, part dark comedy. It’s like an ice pick running through the side of your neck. It also features an engrossing performance from the late Anton Yelchin, playing Tim: a washed up drug dealer who has dreams of making it big.

Inhabiting a wealthy enclave of Connecticut, Lily tutors Amanda, a detached girl who lacks morality. Both were once friends, both once owned horses, and both have drifted apart.


Lily’s home is immaculately manicured and opulent. If she drops a crumb there’s a servant to lick it up. One of the more memorable shots is Amanda’s arrival. Finley can’t help using…

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