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The Myth of the Crazy Bitch by Baby Jae on Crack


We’ve all heard it. The woman who acts out irrationally due to a “falling out” with a romantic interest. But in the midst of an emotional crisis, I’m left wondering, is EVERYONE (I mean every goddamn person) capable of becoming a crazy bitch?

All my friends and my therapist Berry knows that I don’t like dealing with feelings and am a very logical person. I try to remove my minimal emotions from situations and deal with life from a very pragmatic perspective. This is why it’s difficult for me to process they myth of the crazy bitch and how it applies to me.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with a boy who I’m super into but due to weird circumstances and he asked for a “break”. And I was left asking these questions:

  1.  WTF constitutes a break?
  2. Do I have to apologize for something I didn’t think was that big of…

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