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Grading State Gun Laws – What are your thoughts on the Gun Laws?

Long time no see! I’ve just been working again/exams/uni stuff/general stress. It’s so great. I just thought I would write a short bit about gun laws. Here in the UK, we have strict laws controlling the use of guns. It would take me ages to explain all the different laws, so heres a wiki article about […]

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  1. Gun rights advocates rail on about how more stringent regulations are unfair, but I don’t buy it. It SHOULDN’T be easy to purchase a gun. It should be stringent. And as far as these automatic rifles are concerned, there is no good reason for these to be available to the public. They were made for the battlefield because their purpose, their only purpose, was to maximize casualties.

  2. All I can say is it is dreadful what is happening. I support the Second Amendment but I think it has come time to make drastic changes. Tougher regulations for purchase, more enforcement for illegal ownership, AND something no one is hardly ever discussing is resale of firearms – there is very little being done about the secondary market for weapons.

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