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State of the disUnion Address : The Scapegoats Are Coming! by Rudeboy’s World

Rudeboy's World

I’m too tired to post a full coherent blog regarding the State of The disUnion address.  Then again, when have any of my disjointed ramblings ever sounded very coherent?

But wow, what a crowd eh? I’m talking huuuuge. Tremendous. Bigly!

I hear it’s the longest State of the Union speech in history.  And you know what they say about presidents with long State of the Union speeches.  😉  …….

uh… They become fascist dictators who undermine the democratic process, collude with foreign powers and dismantle our country under our noses while their supporters sit idly by and support them.

Sometimes I wonder if Trump knows the truth but is purposely lying to push his fascist agenda or if he is truly stupid and ignorant of how our own government works.

I’m not going to nitpick on all the bullshit that came out of his mouth during his speech. The refusal…

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