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Nana Alice-Nana Mae by ProCrasstheNation


So last night I sent out an early Santa Claus picture of himself. I estimate that I was 2 years old, maybe heading to 3. My sister was likely in my mother’s belly, or just freshly out. So that might be why she isn’t in the picture.

I’m glad that I have possession of this picture, and that I’m able to share it. If the picture could speak it might tell you the story of two Charlestown nine-year Nanas. I only had ’em for nine years of my life. Matriarchal, cute, embodiments of love: Nana Alice (74-79) and Nana Mae (74-83).

img_1657 Nana Alice

Nana Alice-Alice Hickey (Power) was my paternal grandmother. I had her for five years before my Mother told me she went to heaven in 1979. She was a right spiritedly elf. I joke because she was so short, but despite her vertical challenge, she loomed large in personality…

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