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NEW FEATURE: The Cats Review: Inception by Melting Pots & other calamities


Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first post of…The Cats Review! For anyone who doesn’t know what the heck I am talking about, this is a sort of pre review to my actual review where I ask my cats what they thought of a recent movie. And yes, the cover image for this post is Buddy.

This will be shorter than usual, simply because the contents of this movie made my cats very sleepy for some reason…

P.S: It’s probably a good idea to always look up the summary for the movies for these posts. I’m not going to include one, so yeah.

Me: So, first off, what did you guys think of this movie?

Dwight: It was good. No cats died this time. Unlike that one TV series you guys watched…(Me: Here’s a hint about that show. One, it’s on Netflix. Two, the cat in question looked a…

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