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Strength of A Woman by Momma & P’s

Momma & P's

I was raised by both parents until 10 years old when my dad migrated. My mom then had us full time solo; good thing we weren’t  the devil’s spawns. I watched my mother get up and go to work every single day without hesitation. We always had our nessesities provided and still afforded some leisure not a tremendous amount but enough to have created some great memories.

I always admired the strength and determination of my mom. That woman got up and went to work not complaining a single day. She never used excuses like, “oh there are no jobs, oh no one’s hiring”. She tried and tired without solely depending on my father. Don’t get me wrong, her taking on so much did not  let my father off the hook at all or diminish his need to provide or parent. I think she was finding her feet…

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