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Farewell my furry baby by Fallen Angel on the Run

Fallen Angel On the Run

Su&LILHere lies the empty basket where you used to sleep. It holds nothing in it now, except for maybe my scarred heart and some not too distant memories. Remember when you opened your cage, while Enya played in the background and I took it as a sign that you were meant to be mine? And then you were…

Dear Sushi,

Goodbye Mr. SuSu, goodbye my furry baby, goodbye my little friend. You will be missed and never forgotten.

Thank you for the endless love from your pure, sweet heart.

Thank you for teaching me that the most important things in life are; love, food, stretching and being silly… Soon followed by, making sure you’re flexible enough to lick your own ass when necessary.

I wish I could snuggle your wet nose one more time.

If only everything was as simple as how much I loved your peaceful, kind, old soul.

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  1. so sorry for your loss – fur-baby parents are so fortunate to have the unconditional lov of our 4-legged steadfast companions / freinds / heartlights. When they leave us for the rainbow bridge; they truly leave a hole in our hearts.

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