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Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996) Review by Marc Fusion

Marc Fusion

Plot: When Beavis awakes from a slumber, he discovers the worst possible scenario, as the television has vanished. Butt-Head is able to deduce through the evidence at hand that the situation sucks, so a plan is hatched to get a new television. A trip to the school to liberate the A/V club television goes south and Tom Anderson is unwilling to lend his camper’s use, so the two friends head to a local motel, where the sign advertises TV in big, neon letters. This leads to the room of a strange man, one who seems to have expected them to arrive and offers ten thousand dollars if the two will do his wife. This is great news of course, because it means not only will they score, but the money they earn can replace their lost television. So the two begin a misadventure that will take them all over the…

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