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Ode to Dolores O’Riordan by Geweyes (RIP, you will always Linger in our hearts)


When I was 13 I was out of control.  I drank, I smoked, I hung around with the people who were referred to as “skanks,” so much, that at one point I started proudly calling myself a  “skank.”  When my friend and I were caught by the police walking flippantly down the road at 2 a.m. ,I tried to talk our way out of being turned in (unsuccessfully, I might add), I wasn’t scared or sad that we were caught, I was pissed.

I liked that universe.  I was a fighter, amongst fighters. We were all against the world.  Our poverty, our wrong-side-of-the-tracks front united us.   I remember being at a kid’s house and someone whipping out a gallon bag of white powder, the herd made their way to a backroom.  Maybe it was cocaine, maybe it was meth.  As soon as I saw the bag I cooly made…

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