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How my husband and I plan to save $663 this year, saving pennies per day by Elise Bauer


I created my alternative plan to the Penny-a-Day savings plan when I first heard about it at the end of 2016.
I’d normally link to what I think is the original article, but I believe the page has a virus, so I’ll give you the run down of it:

Penny-a-day is not quite what it says it is. One penny a day would be $3.65 in savings not $663, or $667 as the original savings plan boasts. What you do is save one penny for the number of the day in the year.
So for January 1st, you’d save one penny. January 2nd, you’d save two pennies, and so on until on December 31st, you’d set aside 365 pennies. It’s a simple way to save.

My twist on it is taking the day’s number and rounding that up (sometimes down) to the nearest dollar amount, so instead of $3.65 on…

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  1. How cool!! I saw my mom the other day she had a pringles chip container almost filled to the top. She said she picks penneys when she takes her daily walk. I thinks she might have like $50 bucks saved up. This blog is helpful😊

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