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The Awful 2017 by Live with a Heart

Live with a Heart

As this year comes to a close, all I hear anyone talk about is how grateful they are that such a snafu of a year is ending.  After listening to this commotion, I myself began to start feeling that 2017 was indeed one of the worst years of my life.  Yet, when I actually took time to reflect on my personal 2017, it was quite a great year.  Yes, if you have similar political ideologies and personal beliefs as me, the world as a whole had a rough year, but most of the chaos is out of my control.  The year that I did control, the year that I lived, was a wonderful one.  I must remind myself that every time I look back at this year with the negative grudge everyone seems to be feeling.

I asked myself: how can I ensure that 2018 does not become such an…

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