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The reason you’re unhappy ft. the Solution by Road to Happiness

Road to Happiness


One word: comparison

You and I wake up every morning and put on outfits that we’ve worn before. We’re too scared to try on something new and look funny compared to others.

Then, we go to a classroom or work environment, where the goal is literally: don’t draw attention to yourself; come in unnoticed, leave the same way. It’s what everyone else does.

Then, we go home and open up FaceBook and allow the success of complete strangers to put us in a self-deprecating mood. We think to ourselves: “success just isn’t for me”.

Then, in an effort to make ourselves feel better, we turn on the TV or Netflix for some entertainment but ultimately the celebrities and talk show hosts are another reminder of how much better everyone else is.

You and I, we’re living a life centered around comparison.

And the worst part? We’re addicted to…

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