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How I’ve Learned to Dance in the Rain by Eileen

Eileen's Blog πŸ™‚

My Fellow Lovers of Nature, Music, Arts, Sports, People, Dancing, Chocolate, and Love,

How are you? That’s an actual question. And I want you to actually answer it. Not with a simple β€˜good’ but a thorough answer explaining to yourself how you actually are. Don’t sugar coat things for yourself.

The wind is a driving force in nature. When it storms and the wind is present, the rain usually goes in the direction of the wind. Each droplet creates its own mark on wherever it lands. There are certain raindrops, however, that seem to go a little rogue. When you think you are out of the way of rain and all of a sudden you get pelted with a few. These are the few that I love. The few that know they can go with the pack and stay with the wind, but choose to venture off and try something…

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