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Humanizing Tommy Wiseau (The Disaster Artist) by Thoughts That Move

Thoughts That Move

We only live once. Is it really such a bad thing to spend that time in a delusion of grandeur rather than slogging through reality’s day-to-day? This is the question that The Disaster Artist left me contemplating.

Tommy Wiseau earnestly believes that he made a dramatic masterpiece in his 2003 film The Room. He even put up the money to keep it screening in a Los Angeles theater for two weeks following its release so it would qualify for Academy Awards consideration. Nobody came to see it. Indeed, this delusion is one he shares with exactly himself. For everyone else, The Room is outrageously, hilariously bad. Its many foibles have become infamous for their botched delivery and pure oddity. Yet what has kept the film so prominent in the cultural conscious for well over a decade even after all the jokes had been made is the enigma that is Wiseau.

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