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Forget 2018, Get Ish Done Now! by Be.Self.Full


I celebrated my 33rd birthday this past week and we all know how birthdays can be. Yes, the celebration is wonderous, we take the day off, we pamper ourselves, we eat delicious food. We relish in all the birthday energy, welcoming the calls, the texts and the social media tags and posts, a smile warming our faces with each notification. But after all the excitement has subsided, after the last balloon has popped, the last candle has been blown out, the last minute of the last hour of our day has passed, it’s back to being just us, our ego and our emotions, all stripped bare. Those thoughts start to rush in, an overwhelming feeling, a flood of joy, at times, sadness, maybe even grief or loss. You know how we tend to get once we enter those new decades, we mourn the 20s because we’ve said goodbye to 29…

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