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The Take-Aways from Matt Lauer by Reverend Wootton

The wife & times of Reverend Wootton

I surprised myself by how sad I was to hear about the allegations against Matt Lauer. It’s strange how we kinda sorta feel like we know someone like that. Of course I don’t know him at all. Of course I have no real idea what kind of person he is and that all I see is on the camera in front of millions/billions of viewers. I have no idea what he thinks, does, and honestly it shouldn’t surprise me at all in some ways that he is the latest in the sexual misconduct firestorm.

But it did. And that goes to show how even someone like me – who has seen a lot, who knows better, who has stories to tell – still doesn’t know everything and still has ground to cover. What we’re experiencing is a revival of sorts. A revival toward a more healthy and just sexual landscape…

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