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ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. Review by Michael J. Cinema

Michael J. Cinema

Not everyone fighting for equality can be found on the frontline. There has to be someone in the shadows, toiling away, fueled by indignation, righteousness, and uncompromising ethics. Roman J. Israel is such a man.

For years, Israel (Denzel Washington), the partner of a charismatic litigator, has spent his time locked away in an office, pouring over books, finding inconsistencies, and plotting his greatest civil rights coup. But his partner has fallen into a coma, incapacitated by a heart attack. Suddenly, the office is dissolved, the clients are moved to a large and affluent firm run by a former student of Israel’s partner, and Israel finds himself looking for a job. He eventually takes a position at the new firm, run by George Pierce (Colin Farrell), but not after coming to the harsh reality that the social activism of the 1960s and ’70s has evaporated into an apathetic cloud of Los…

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